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Pretty in Pink Petit Fours

By Staff | Sep 18, 2009

Pretty in Pink Petit Fours

A petit four is a small cake generally eaten at the end of a meal or served as part of the dessert. The name is from the French, petit four, meaning small oven.

Children love tea parties and our daughter, Lydia, has been into having them several times a day. She often serves in our living room from our Queen Anne coffee table. She does, from time to time, break from tradition and serve us on the porch. As parents, we take the time to enjoy these fun moments and her early training as a hostess. Her sweet little fingers handling the dainty little teacups and teapots bring to mind the many tea parties I have enjoyed with children.When my nieces and nephews were growing up in Underwood, tea parties on the front lawn were common. Complete with hats, gloves, dresses, vintage jewelry and suit coats. What a great way to recycle clothing or to share grandma’s hat collection. Also adding to the fun can be the dishes one selects. A charming child’s tea set is adorable; however, a collection of mis- matched dishes can be just as delightful. I do believe it is the conversation that takes place during these parties that I find to be the most captivating element. For example, Miss Lydia will often say “Oh Daddy, be just a little more English; I like it when you do that.” I do respond by saying, “Darling your tea is simply wonderful, and I will simply have to have another spot.”

Lydia has now requested that we make something pink for our next tea party. Her love of pink has gotten me to thinking about sweet little pink desserts, and the first one that comes to mind is petit fours. Now for many of us, the only petit fours that we have witnessed have probably come out of the Swiss Colony Christmas catalog. You know–those little tiny chocolate cakes which are decorated with trees, wreaths and holly. Well, hold on, as I am about to share with you some well-groomed petit fours.

Photographing weddings at the International Peace Garden has allowed me to claim that I am an international wedding photographer. We have photographed many weddings at the garden with the bride being from the United States and the groom from Canada or just the reverse. I have noticed often that when our Canadian friends are bringing desserts for the wedding reception, petit fours are a favorite. Several years ago, I was fascinated by several large plates of pink petit fours. Upon tasting them, I was captivated not only by their attractiveness, but by their taste. They happen to have been made by the groom’s mother, who was from Canada.

If you had seen this reception and witnessed tray after tray of perfect pink petit fours all decorated with a delicate white flower and 2 green leaves, you would have been amazed. I must admit this operation did require an exercise of intellectual prowess; which didn’t surprise me. After all, as the mother of the groom, she opted not to wear beige. Instead, she made her entrance in a lovely, smashing, rich teal dress suit with matching shoes and a grand hat. I might add she floated about the wedding like a lovely monarch butterfly. The pattern of her rhinestones was dazzling like a rainbow. Her attention to the wedding details was amazing. I am sure some found her intimidating with her disciplined and orderly behavior. It was, however, these qualities, along with a lot of manual skills, which allowed her to produce hundreds of well turned-out wedding desserts.

A woman of her resolute would not give way to complaints about the stages, stresses, and even strains of making this recipe. It simply would not deter her; in fact, all three would motivate her! She is of the understanding that even our bodies couldn’t move without some degree of tension. Once again we see the benefit of staying awake in science class. As for the diminutive veins that will appear in her legs from such long standing, just remember how refreshed she will be in the afterglow of the guest’s divine comments. Besides, she often wears pantyhose with trailing ivy designs anyway.

When she placed her wedding order at the studio, I had the pleasure of visiting in great deal with her about these chic petit fours. Upon her return to pick up her order, she delighted me with the recipe. Now you know what I will be making for Lydia’s pink dessert request. I am sure when they are served at Miss Lydia’s tea table, I will be saying in an English tone, “Simply smashing my dear, simply smashing!” I share with you now the recipe from this influential mother of the groom.

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