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Behold the power of zucchini

By Staff | Sep 11, 2009

In the spring of the year folks are so delighted to finally see the mounds of snow melt. Their thoughts turn to the garden by planting seeds in the fresh-smelling soil. At this point, they are a bit overcome by the joy of nature. It is also at this time they are scattering zucchini and squash seeds–freely-I might add. Well, before you know it, their garden plots are overrun with vines from each vegetable. Soon zucchini and squash are basking under the harvest moon.

The frantic gardener goes into the family home to rally the troops of the coffee drinkers sitting around the kitchen table. They proceed to the garden-it is brainstorming time! They instantly agree that all acquaintances for miles around should receive their valuable bounty. They take away all social rules and limits that generally apply to gift giving. Oh, how I love this rationale because we all know nothing kills exceptional brainstorming faster than logic! Soon zucchini and squash are lugged home by every member of the family.

Dad leaves some at the elevator-sharing the knowledge that zucchini are actually a good luck charm during harvest. Just place one in your each of your combines and you will never have to unplug your machine. Next, Mom visits the beauty shop and her hair color still looks amazing after six weeks. She shares her secret-daily rub a slice of zucchini over your color and it lasts for weeks! Junior starts lugging around squash in his school bag. At once, his ability to hold onto the football during the game improves greatly! Soon the entire football team has a novel understanding of “squash.” Instantly, there is a zucchini and squash shortage. Who knows – if this trend keeps up folks may truly miss finding zucchini lurking in the back seat of their unlocked cars.

You can bet when I get my hands on some summer zucchini and buttercup squash I will be making the following two wonderful recipes. By the way, I know of a woman-her name was Carolyn-who was given a large zucchini from her aunt for her train trip home. Her aunt quipped, “This is a wonderful thing to have in your carry on just in case you need extra protection.”

Carolyn did travel very safely, and upon arriving home enjoyed zucchini hot dish and rich zucchini brownies. So, therefore, we must never underestimate the power of homegrown zucchini.

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