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Part two is the savory ravioli filling

By Staff | Jul 2, 2009

There are two reasons you will not want to be sleepwalking through this little lesson. One: You many end up being a foreign diplomat in Italy, also known as the kingdom of ravioli, where you will need to hold your own. Two: When the family is howling about what is for supper with mouths wide open; you can quickly gratify them by saying, “Homemade ravioli!”? Last week we talked all about rolling out the dough. Once you have achieved this, you will want to place the filling on the dough. When I first started, I merely placed mounds of filling all over the dough, rolled out the top layer, placed it over the fillings, and cut between with a pastry roller. I made sure all the edges were well sealed. I have also brushed the underside top dough with a slight egg wash to allow for better sealing. This works wonderfully, and some folks may select to do this. I prefer to make my ravioli about two inches square. With this method you can decide the size you like.

As you finish each ravioli, lay it on a floured cloth. Gather them gently into the center of the cloth and transfer them into the kettle of boiling water. Gently drop them into the water. When stuffed pastas are properly sealed, they will not break open during the cooking. Gentle is the word when handling them. I do not stir the ravioli. When they float to the top, I know they are doneit is that simple. You may select to cut open one and see that it is cooked to your liking. You also may let them float a bit for extended cooking.

At this point, I place them in the hot tomato sauce and let them simmer very slowly. You may also freeze ravioli. Place the UNCOOKED ravioli on a cookie sheet in the freezer for about 15 minutes. It is important to keep them apart. Then transfer to containers or freezer bags. Do not thaw frozen ravioli. Merely place directly in boiling water and cook. Keep in mind that cooking will take a bit longer.

Nothing beats making homemade ravioli. This process could be made simpler by purchasing a ravioli pan. They can hold from 24-36 ravioli. They are very neat, and most come with their own little mini rolling pin. My choice, however, is to make them on my own.

The ravioli with sauce will give you the red and white. For the touch of blue for this 4th of July celebration, serve blueberries for dessert! Happy Independence Day to all!

Repnow is a Rugby resident.

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