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Mother – daughter bond is priceless

By Staff | May 9, 2009

“The future destiny of the child is always the work of the mother.” Napoleon

“Mama, those are coming out nice.” This was Lydia’s recent response as she helped Mommy turn the black knob on the Mirro cookie press as she and Jan made spritz cookies. As I strolled through our compact kitchen, once again another silhouette was wedged in my mind. It has been this way since the moment of her birth-Jan and Lydia, Mommy and daughter, united.

As a visual person, I have always treasured the many silhouettes that I have created in my mind of my two favorite girls. From the moment Lydia came into our home, she and Mommy have been head to head, nose to nose, hand in hand, and heart to heart. I recall that if Lydia gave the slightest stir in her bassinet, Jan would be instantly awake – no matter how sound asleep she happened to be.

Just the other day, I showed Lydia that on our front tree I had deliberately left a few remnants of the many pink ribbons I tied in this tree to announce her birth four years ago. I would admit that I am a doting father – often telling Lydia I love her higher than the moon.

Lydia first words were “DaDa.” However, it is always Mama that she calls out to in the morning. Many times in the middle of the day, out of nowhere, I hear the sweet little voice calling out . “Mama.I love you.” It may be from her bedroom, often when she is playing with her dolls, or like yesterday, when they were raking in the yard. I suppose it is the private realm that mothers and daughters have, that bond that reaches beyond closeness and is as natural as can be. I see them over and over again, dialing into each other’s beings, souls, and happiness. Watching them interact daily is a rapturous pleasure; through it all, a gallery of silhouettes is collecting in Daddy’s mind.

Jan, in a continually daily motion, is showing Lydia that life is not only of the heart but also of the head. She works with Lydia on manners, eating habits, the love of music, reading and adventure. Is it not true when we love someone purely our focus is on them, not on ourselves? Joy in our heart is released as we ease the path, guide the step and share love and wisdom. It is a slice of heaven on this earth that mothers enjoy more than others. How fitting that Napoleon once said, “The future destiny of the child is always the work of the mother.”

I have always enjoyed silhouettes. Recently I took the time to create a few of Lydia and Jan. Originally they were called “profile shades” or “shadows” in England. When they first appeared in the late 1600s, paper-cut profiles offered a viable alternative to traditional painted portraits. The black profile was made popular by the masses and can be seen many places today. With a scissor and bit of time you can easily create a silhouette for your friends and loved ones.

I share with you Jan’s favorite spritz cookie recipe. She always makes these as hearts and decorates them with delicate pink and yellow rosebuds and green leaves. They are wonderful.

Repnow is a Rugby resident.

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