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Bargain hunters descend on Rugby for City Wide Rummage Sale

By Sue Sitter - | May 15, 2021

Sue Sitter/PCT Customers check out an assortment of goods for sale in Jodi Brossart’s garage during Rugby’s City Wide Rummage Sale.

Bargain hunters from near and far descended on Rugby May 7 and 8 for the annual City Wide Rummage Sale, delighting buyers and sellers all over town.

On the north side of town near the Pierce County Fairgrounds, seller Jodi Brossart saw a steady stream of customers, some of whom had come over from an auction going on at the fairgrounds.

“My grandkids brought some things in,” Brossart said, adding, “I have lamps, pots and pans, a CD player, a DVD player, and a DS player.”

“I even sold the thermometers off the wall,” Brossart added with a slight laugh. “I had to unscrew the thermometer. They saw it and they wanted it.”

Brossart, who wore a sweatshirt she got from her daughter-in-law that read, “Children are spoiled because the moms won’t spank the grandma,” smiled as she said, “I don’t go to rummage sales. I just like getting rid of stuff.”

“I don’t need more stuff but I love getting rid of stuff, especially for people who need it,” Brossart added. “It’s hard a lot of times to get someplace to donate it. Sometimes they’re fussy about what they take and other times, you’ve got electronics that were kind of expensive. What I make from this sale, my grandkids are going to get.”

“There have been a lot of people around,” Brossart said, adding, “That map helped us a lot.”

Brossart referred to a map published in the April 24 Tribune listing sale locations. “We did okay last fall, but we didn’t get on the map,” she added, referring to a sale in 2020 that had been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ilene Mattern, a relative of Brossart’s, said the town seemed very busy the weekend of the rummage sale. “Coming in on Highway 3, there are signs every which way,” Mattern said.

On the southeast side of town Judy Heinz enlisted the help of her daughters, Peggy Parker and Tammy Jobe, to sell her assortment of housewares and tools.

“I usually have rummage sales but this is the first time I’ve had help because I couldn’t get everything up from the basement,” Heintz said. “We cleaned out cabinets to sell some tools. My son-in-law knows about tools, so we had a lot of advice from him. That helped us put everything together and he was our pricer.” She added.

Heintz and her daughters described the start of the sale as “slow,” but the pace picked up quickly.

“We sold a lot,” Heintz said.

“This was the best rummage sale I’ve ever had, but we had an ice auger and some bigger items,” Heintz said.

“The most expensive thing we had was $65. But other than that, everything was fairly priced and we priced to get rid of it. The weather wasn’t that bad, either,” Heintz added.

“It was fun,” Parker said. “I actually ran into a classmate of mine. I asked, ‘What’s your name?’ And I found out we went to school together.”

“All the socialization was fun. Then, Mom got to introduce us to her friends,” Jobe said.

“And we’ve got some new neighbors,” Heintz said. “We didn’t meet them actually but her daughter was here and I knew her from before. Small world. And that lady actually married a cousin of mine. It’s fun rummaging and meeting people and talking to people.”

“I think a lot of people are happy to be out and about after COVID,” Heintz added.

Heintz said she wondered if COVID restrictions easing “didn’t bring a lot of people out this weekend because this is what they look forward to, this weekend, just to get out and make their rounds.”

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