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Details for November election in Pierce County

By Staff | Sep 12, 2020

Pierce County will be conducting the Nov. 3 general election as a mail ballot election with one physical polling location. A mail ballot election requires at least one physical polling location and for the county auditor-treasurer to mail absentee ballot applications to all active voters that have not previously applied for an absentee ballot that year. Absentee ballots are only sent to citizens that have completed an application that has been verified by the Pierce County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office.

Although a mail ballot election is typically referred to as “Vote by Mail,” there are several ways to submit a ballot for the November 2020 general election:

– Return an absentee ballot to the Pierce County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office via U.S. Postal Service, postmarked by Nov. 2, 2020 (240 2nd St SE, Suite 6, Rugby, ND 58368)

– Return an absentee ballot via secure ballot box by 5 p.m. on Nov. 2, 2020. Ballot box is located at the Courthouse 240 2nd St. SE, Rugby, ND 58368. It is mounted on the building south of the west door of the Courthouse (parking lot)

– Return an absentee ballot to the Pierce County Auditor-Treasurer’s Office in person by 5 p.m. CT on Nov. 2, 2020 (240 2nd St. SE, Suite 6, Rugby, ND 58368)

– Vote in person on Election Day, Nov. 3, 2020, between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. at the Pierce County Courthouse (240 2nd St. SE)

– Whether citizens vote by absentee ballot or in-person, valid identification including the voter’s name, current residential address, and date of birth is required. Options include a North Dakota driver’s license, a nondriver’s identification card, ID issued by a tribal government, or a long-term care identification certificate. More information about voter identification can be found at vote.nd.gov. Voters can also verify their voting information and address at vote.nd.gov. If a voter is unable to update their current address before election day, then the voter MUST bring with them a document such as a lease, utility bill, or bank statement showing their current residential address.

Important dates for the public to be aware of:

– Receiving and returning an Absentee Ballot Application


Absentee ballot applications will be mailed to all active voters in Pierce County that have not previously applied for a November ballot. If an individual does not receive an application in the mail and is unsure if they have already applied for one, they should contact the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office at 701-776-5225.

Oct. 16

Suggested last day to return an application via mail to the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office; after this date, deposit the application in a Ballot Box or hand deliver to the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office

Oct. 26

Last day to hand-deliver or fax (701-776-6942) an application to the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office

– Receiving and returning an Absentee Ballot

Sept. 24

Auditor-Treasurer’s Office begins to mail ballots

Oct. 23

Contact the Auditor-Treasurer’s office if an application was submitted, but a ballot has not yet been received

Oct. 26

Last day ballots will be mailed to voters

Nov. 2

Ballots returned via mail must be postmarked by this date. This does NOT mean put it in the mail that day. If a ballot is mailed ON Nov. 2, there is no guarantee that it will be postmarked that same day. If mailing on the 2nd, it is advised for the voter to go to a post office and asked for a hand stamp of the postmark for that day. It is recommended to return a ballot via USPS at least two weeks before the election; if submitting your ballot within two weeks of the election, it is recommended to use a ballot box.

Ballots returned via secure ballot box must be deposited by 5 p.m.

Ballots returned in person to the Auditor-Treasurer’s Office must be received by 5 p.m. on Nov. 3.

Polling location (Pierce County Courthouse) will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Limited number of voters will be allowed in the courthouse at one time.

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