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Flawless Medical Spa joins Chamber

By Staff | Jul 2, 2020

Sue Sitter/PCT Standing in Rugby's new Flawless Medical Spa are (from left): Debbie Brossart, Chamber president; Flawless Medical Spa owner Kate Halvorson; receptionist Cari Oppen and Chamber Executive Director Laurie Odden.

The Rugby Chamber of Commerce welcomed Flawless Medical Spa as its newest member Tuesday.

The spa, which offers a variety of health, wellness and cosmetic services for both men and women, is located at 607 Highway 2 Southwest.

Owner Kate Halvorson, who has years of experience in nursing both as a practitioner and instructor, said she decided to open the spa because “I really wanted people to be happy when they walked out the door. And after my experience being in nursing, from neurosurgery all the way to long- term care, it was time to make those changes for people.”

Halvorson said she came to Rugby from her native Manitoba in 2004 to work at Heart of America Medical Center. From there, she worked in Devils Lake to establish a paramedic program for nurses, then at Minot State University as a teacher. She also worked in Canada.

“I like it here,” Halvorson said of Rugby. “It’s a nice little town.”

Flawless Medical Spa offers services and products to help people “feel better about themselves,” Halvorson explained.

“Everybody sees their own flaws. We don’t necessarily see them the way others see them. We look in the mirror and say, ‘Oh, I need to fix this wrinkle,’ or ‘I need to fix my chin and lose weight,’ or something like that,” Halvorson said. “We want to be able to give them those changes that are really subtle that make a difference to them and other people will notice those subtle changes, but it doesn’t change who they really are. But internally, it changes who they are. They feel better about themselves, and I like that part of it.”

“I like to be able to make people happy instead of them worrying about insurance, or worried about their health, or worried about their family members,” Halvorson added. “After 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of death and a lot of injury and a lot of recovery. There’s a lot of really rewarding sides of health care, absolutely, but there are a lot of parts where, internally, after awhile, it just can be hard on a person, so it’s time to see the brighter side of this.”

“This is so relaxing and calming, and people love it,” Halvorson said of Flawless Medical Spa. “I want people to continue to love something like this.”

The spa offers procedures to address skin imperfections and wrinkles, Halvorson noted.

“I have micro needling and skin care products,” Halvorson said, describing procedures treating wrinkles. “I have a plasma pen which is for skin tightening,” she added.

“It almost looks like you’re doing welding,” Halvorson said, describing the plasma pen. “It’s like a CO2 welder in a hand-held device. You put little dots on the face that get down to the collagen area and it tightens the skin around your eyes, around your forehead – you can pretty much use it anywhere. It’s a little time-consuming for all areas, but it’s a good spot treater.”

“Then, there’s permanent makeup so we do eyebrows and eyeliner and spray tanning,” she added.

“I’m going to have a cocoon, which is for anxiety, depression and weight loss,” Halvorson noted. “It looks like a sun tanning bed, but it has a massager and salt lamps. And you can adjust the heat to whatever you like. You can use about 500 calories in 10 minutes lying in the bed so it’s pretty beneficial. Your face is outside of it so you can turn up the cooling on your face, and the rest of your body just sweats outside of it. You can exercise in it with elastic bands.”

“I also do Botox and fillers,” she said, adding she also plans to offer manicures and pedicures at the spa. “I also want to specialize in diabetic foot care that people aren’t getting the chance to receive. I think the public health department offers it, but I also want to do it here.”

As Halvorson walked through the new business, relaxing music played softly in the background. An essential oil diffuser sent puffs of subtle herbal mist into the air. “I have lots of products,” she said, indicating shelves holding creams and serums.

“I have NuSkin, Hempworks, Defenage, Illumina, Babe lashes and magnetic lashes,” she said, listing some of the cosmetic and beauty products sold by the spa.

The spa also has three rooms devoted to treatments, spray tanning and cocoon sessions.

“This is the manicure/pedicure spot,” Halvorson said, pointing to an area with cushioned chairs. “This will be where I do most of the treatments for micro needling,

Shelves display several different lines of cosmetic and skin care products.

Halvorson said the spa will also offer skin treatments using a client’s own blood platelets.

Additionally, Halvorson said Flawless Medical Spa carries items to improve sexual health in both men and women.

Appointments may be made by calling the spa at (701) 543-6856 or visiting www.flawlessmedicalspa19.com

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