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Haaland Estates celebrates distanced Mother’s Day

By Staff | May 15, 2020

Haaland Estates resident Rosina Schmidt keeps a family photo at her table as she celebrates Mother's Day. Submitted photo

Moms at Rugby’s Haaland Estates dressed up in their finest outfits and jewelry to celebrate Mother’s Day Saturday afternoon with pie and a socially distanced chat with family.

“It was really a good afternoon,” Haaland Activities Director Tammy Tufte said in a phone call.

Tufte acknowledged this Mother’s Day was very different from most.

“It’s a hard thing not to have your family coming up (to visit),” Tufte said.

“What we did was we got them all to dress up in their fine wear they hadn’t worn for a while and we helped them with lipstick and jewelry. We kind of helped with their hair to make them all look pretty. Then, we told them we were going to a video so their families could see them,” Tufte said.

Staff used a social media video chat platform to help residents communicate with family.

“I did a Mother’s Day saying,” Tufte said. “I talked to them about (the day), and they were kind of weepy-eyed.”

“I said, ‘Now’s your chance to tell (your families) that you love them and wish them happy Mother’s Day,'” Tufte said.

Tufte told the residents that family members would send messages, and staff would help with communication.

“It really was interesting. They cried a little bit, but that’s what it’s all about. That’s how they’re feeling. They were able to tell their family members that they loved them and missed them,” Tufte said.

After the virtual visit, the honorees, each seated six feet apart, enjoyed a pie and coffee social.

“We understand (how they felt). It made us cry, too. It’s a hard thing not to have your mom or your family coming up (to visit),” Tufte said.

“It was good for them to cry,” Tufte added. “But they were also happy, and they thanked us for making such a beautiful day for them. It was colorful (in the dining room), and cheery and bright. We just tried to pick up their spirits and I truly believe they enjoyed it.”

Tufte said staff replayed the video chat, which had logged more than 1,000 views.

“It was really nice,” she said of the event. “I was nervous at first, because they’re lonesome,” Tufte said of the residents.

Tufte said loneliness in the residents was a “really hard” part of the day.

“They want to hug us, and it’s hard,” Tufte said. “You just can’t. We’ve got to stay our distance, but we’re doing the best we can.”

“I think in a way, it helped, too, just to have them talking to their families,” she added. “It was hard for some. Some were kind of quiet, so you had to prompt them a little bit to get them to smile. Some of them said really how they feel, and that’s really what it’s all about.”

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