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This ‘N’ That

By Staff | Sep 13, 2019

Sue Sitter/PCT This 'N' That will sell a variety of gently used and repurposed items for all ages.

A business offering items ranging from practical, gently used clothing to “oddball” collectibles is slated to open its doors October 2 at 140 S. Main Avenue in Rugby.

Taylor and Amanda Sager of Rugby have been busily preparing display space for the growing number of items they’ve been collecting for This ‘N’ That, their new store Amanda describes as “not just a thrift store.” They took a short break to talk with the Tribune, often finishing each other’s sentences.

Amanda Sager has advice for people curious about the new store.

“Don’t just think thrift store, because of the antiques and the collectables, and all the fun things. So, it’s not just going to be that grungy, dirty thrift store,” Amanda said with a slight laugh.

“A store that smells weird,” Taylor Sager added with a chuckle.

“With things you pick up and go, ‘Ewww, why is this here?'” Amanda chimed in, followed by more laughter.

Taylor said This ‘N’ That will definitely not carry “coffee mugs from 1990 that they have marked at $2 and nobody wants.”

Taylor, who worked for more than 10 years at NAPA Auto Parts in Minot, told the Tribune he was looking for another career opportunity that would keep him closer to home and his family.

“He was driving to Minot everyday, and there were some days our children didn’t see him,” Amanda recalled. “I saw him, because I’d stay up late just to see him, but it was hard on our family with him being gone so much.”

“I’ve always wanted to have my own store. I’ve always been into buying and selling, and the opportunity arose, and we said, ‘Let’s go for it and try to see what happens,'” noted Taylor.

Taylor said he had begun selling items on eBay part time while working for NAPA, and saw an opportunity to move some of his business to a brick-and-mortar setting.

Amanda said she also noticed a demand for items that are, as a sign outside their store advertises, ‘gently used’ and “affordable for families with young kids.”

“They can’t afford to go and buy brand-new clothes all the time,” she added.

“Especially when they’re outgrowing them all the time,” Taylor agreed.

Although the Sagers predicted young families would appreciate saving money on their children’s clothes, the store would have merchandise that appeals to all ages.

Taylor predicted the items would be appreciated by everyone “from baby to grandma, and everything in between.”

“It’s really going to be a fun store that everyone can come into and enjoy looking around and finding something really cool,” Amanda agreed.

Like most second-hand stores, This ‘N’ That will feature constantly changing inventory.

“What’s here today won’t be tomorrow,” Taylor said.

The Sagers said they plan to get most of their inventory from donations, with only selected items sold on consignment.

“We’re not going to consign clothes,” Amanda noted. “If someone has their cast iron pan collection and they want to consign it, if they agree on terms and we agree on terms, we’ll sell it.”

Other items the Sagers plan to sell include “plants and succulents and all sorts of stuff people like.”

The Sagers also plan to sell “repurposed,” or items given another life through refurbishing or making them into something else.

“We hate throwing things away, so if it’s nice enough and we can find a way to repurpose it, I’m kind of a repurposer. So I’ll try to redo things so they can have a new life and a new home, and not just get thrown in a dumpster,” Amanda said.

The Sagers said they planned to sell the most “oddball” of their donations, which come from rummage and estate sale leftovers, online.

Taylor cited how items like discontinued fabric softener bars for clothes dryers bring a premium price for online sellers.

The Sagers said donations to the store may be made by contacting them at 871-5305, 390-7453, or by finding them on Facebook at This ‘N’ That.

“We very much prayed about (opening This ‘N’ That),” Amanda said. “We said, ‘If this is our path, please open these doors, and if it’s not, slam them in our face. Make it obvious this isn’t for us. And God has definitely opened doors and said, ‘All right, here you go.'”

“Things have been pretty laid out so far,” Taylor said and nodded.

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