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‘We had a good turnout’

By Staff | Jul 5, 2019

A Saturday morning storm did little to dampen the enthusiasm among contestants participating in the Geographical Center Doubles Marathon, hosted by the Rugby Shooting club last weekend.

“We had people from all over the state here,” said Melissa Kraft, whose son, Kordell participated in the tournament.

“We had a good turnout,” noted tournament organizer Randy Knain.

Although the tournament’s first rounds were delayed one hour by the storm, Knain said the doubles events were completed Saturday, and singles and handicap events took place Sunday on schedule.

Twenty-five shooters participated in the doubles event, which involves shooting two clay targets at the same time.

Trophies for the doubles event went to Vince Mattern for Class A with 427 points; Norman Howard for Class B with 445 points, Kevin Martin for Class C with 420 points and Don Granlie for Class D with 400 points.

Blaine Howard took the Junior trophy for the event with 423 points, while the high over-all score went to Norman Howard, who shot 733 of 800 targets.

Singles target trophy winners and scores were: Greg Vaage, Class A trophy, 199 points; Jacob Knain, Class B trophy, 192 points; James Howard, Class C trophy, 190 points and Glenn Morstad Class D with 189 points.

Jacob Schempp took the junior trophy for the event with a score of 198 points.

Thirty-three shooters participated in the handicap event.

Yardage group trophy winners for the event were: Lynn Miller, 18-21.5; Blaine Howard, 22-24.5; Alex Knick, 26-27; Kordell Kraft, 23; Schempp, 23 and Chris Morstad, 22.

Weekly rankings and scores for the Rugby Shooting Club were:

Week 5: Oksendal Farms, 1st place, 97 points; Rugby Welding, 2nd place, 97 points; Midco Communications, 3rd place, 97 points; Wade’s Construction, 4th place, 97 points; Brown Lantern, 5th place, 96 points; Align Chiropractic, 6th place, 96 points; First International Bank, 7th place, 96 points; Rugby Manufacturing, 8th place, 95 points.

25-straight scorers: Vince Mattern, Tom Stoe, Andrew Oksendal and Brody Haakenson.

50-straight scorers: Vince Mattern and Andrew Oksendahl.

Top three men’s scores went to Vince Mattern, Stoe, Andrew Oksendahl and Brody Haakenson, who each shot 25 out of 25 targets.

Top three women’s scores went to Kyla Radomski and Alyssa Walter, who each shot 23 out of 25 targets, while Sara Radomski and Donna Oksendahl shot 22 out of 25 targets.

Top junior scorers for week 5 went to Kordell Kraft and Zach Jaeger, who each shot 23 of 25 targets, while Blake Haakenson and Carson Mattern each hit 22 of 25 targets.

Week 6: Midco Communications, 1st place, 97 points; Wade’s Construction, 2nd place, 97 points; Oksendahl Farms, 3rd place, 97 points; Rugby Welding, 4th place, 97 points; Align Chiropractic, 5th place, 96 points; First International Bank, 6th place, 96 points; Brown Lantern, 7th place, 96 points and Rugby Manufacturing, 8th place, 91 points.

25-straight scorers: Vince Mattern, Norm Howard, Andrew Oksendahl; Brody Haakenson and Brandon Oksendahl

50-straight scorer: Brody Haakenson

75-straight scorer: Vince Mattern, Andrew Oksendahl

Top 3 men: Vince Mattern, Andrew Oksendahl and Brody Haakenson

Top women scorers: Kyla Radomski and Bonnie Erickson with 24 out of 25 targets hit; Deb Knain with 22 out of 25 targets hit.

Top 3 juniors for week 6 were Kordell Kraft, Kyla Radomski and Blake Haakenson, each with 24 out of 25 targets hit.

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