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Review and update vaccinations this summer

By Staff | Jun 15, 2018

School just let out and everyone is having summer fun, but remember summer is a good time to catch up on immunizations that are required to go back to school. Spreading immunizations out over the summer time might help kids who are particularly sensitive or scared to get their shots. Make it a summer adventure with a special activity afterwards like a stop at DQ or the local park.

Doing activities soon after vaccination may take some of the stiffness out of the arm, and help the kids forget about it faster. Talking to them and sidetracking their thoughts, ease fears and make it seem like a normal summer thing to do.

There are new school immunization requirements for the 2018-2019 school year. One dose of meninggococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4) is required for students entering grades 7 10. A second dose of MCV4 is required for those entering grades 11 and 12. Most students have not yet received the second dose of MCV4 which protects against the meninggococcal disease which can possibly be fatal or cause permanent disability within hours.

This year school requirements for students entering kindergarten have remained the same. All students must be compliant by October 1 of this year or be excluded from school until they meet the requirements.

Before entering school in North Dakota, students must have: five doses of DtaP, four doses of IPV(polio), three doses of HBV, two doses of MMR, two doses of varicella (chicken pox), and grades 7 through 12 Tdap and MCV4 (mentioned above). Your physician’s office will always have the current up to date list as required by law for North Dakota. If you are coming from out of state, be sure to request your records early or bring a copy when you move.

All student records should be with your healthcare provider. The provider can provide you with a copy of your child’s records to submit to the school. Find out your doctor’s recommendations and current state requirements to ensure your child can start and continue their education this fall.

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