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Kearns to attend Yale in the fall

By Staff | May 4, 2018


High School Principal Jared Blikre announced with pride that Rugby High School student Daniel Kearns will attend Yale this fall. “I am pleased to let the Tribune know that one of our outstanding students, Daniel Kearns left today for Yale University for a tour for him and his family,” said Blikre, after learning of the news last month. “We are so proud of our Rugby students, and he is a fine example of academic talent.”

Rugby High School senior and soon graduate, Daniel Kearns and his family left for New Haven, Conn., on Saturday, April 21 to visit with Yale University and ultimately signed his acceptance papers for admission. Kearns and family were notified early in April, and he is excited and proud to have been accepted to attend Yale University.

At Yale, Kearns will be a cadet in the US Air Force ROTC program where he will serve as a 2nd Lt. Cadet under Colonel Thomas McCarthy. Colonel McCarthy is the Commander of the Reserve Officer’s Training Corps Detachment 009, for Yale University. He is responsible for the education and training of ROTC Cadets. Kearns will complete his military training at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

When asked what he wanted to study at Yale, Daniel said he is considering Philosophy or Ethics/Politics, and Economics. “Most of the Yale studies are interdisciplinary,” he said. “I want to go on to law school, after my studies and become a lawyer. I may have to serve four years with the Air Force before going to law school, we will have to see how it plays out.”

Meanwhile Kearns had a tour of Yale and the surrounding area. “While I was at Yale, I slept in the dorm, my family stayed in a hotel.” Kearns said, “I had time to see and meet other cadets, and have philosophical discussions. I loved it there.”

“I am so happy and excited to have this opportunity. As long as I do my part, study hard, and achieve my goals, my tuition and fees will be covered.” Kearns explained. “Tuition and fees can run over $70,000 annually for Yale University.

“When I got to New Haven, it was dark outside, and the next morning I awoke to this magnificent view of the university buildings, which are old colonial style which was so incredible. There were a group of white tents set up for us visiting to have lunch, get our access cards, and meet others. I was given a tour, as was my family and we really enjoyed our time there.”

Kearns credits his teachers, especially Leah Johnson, in being instrumental in his acceptance to Yale. He gives her credit for teaching him how to write and communicate well, and especially during the writing of his Capstone project of which he said he was very proud.

“Brian Olson, Paola Trottier, and Jan Hagen were so influencial on my education, and I appreciate them so much also. I feel like I had a good education at Rugby High School, that has prepared me for this opportunity at Yale.”

He was thoughtful as he commented about moving here from Florida when he was nine years old. “I think Rugby is a good place to raise a family and get a good education. I have been very happy here.”

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