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By Staff | Apr 20, 2018

Bonnie Remmick/PCT Colleen Hermanson operates Horizons Speech Therapy Services, whose office in Rugby is located 126 South Main Avenue.

Horizons Speech Therapy Services has been opened in Rugby by Colleen Hermanson, M.S. CCC-SLP. Horizons Speech Therapy is located in Rugby at the Chiropractic Associates Building, 126 S. Main. Hermanson also has an office in Minot, at 600 22nd Ave. NW, Suite 2.

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) observes May as the official month to heighten public awareness about hearing loss and speech disorders. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan issued a formal designation of May as Better Hearing and Speech Month. The aim of this month is to heighten attention to and encourage people to become aware of their own hearing and speech and seek help if there might be a problem. “We cannot fix these things,” Hermanson said, “but we can surely develop skills to improve the quality of life in people with communication problems.”

Hermanson is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. ” I decided to open my own business here in Rugby, to evaluate and diagnose communication disorders, provide direct treatment for speech and language disorders for individuals ranging in age from preschool through adulthood. I’m in Rugby three days a week, and I have opened an office in Minot as well; open Tuesdays and Thursdays.

“Many circumstances in life might give us a need for this type of therapy from early childhood through later in life when a person might be affected by Parkinson’s, stroke and hearing disorders,” she said.

One example Hermanson demonstrated was the folder exhibit. This plain folder opens to small cards, that have Velcro on the back of them, so they can stick to the folder’s cover. The small cards have simple sayings on them, such as ‘yes or no,’ or a pictures that an adult or child can pick from. When someone has a speech problem, or problem communicating for whatever reason, they can use the pictures to point out, what they are trying to communicate. “Since we cannot often reverse a stroke’s effects, especially at the beginning, many stroke victims can choose from the card folder. Small children may not be able to read yet, and may not have started to talk but pretty much everyone can point to what they mean.

“This simple tool can open a child’s communication disorder and instantly allow them to start communicating, which can affect how that child learns and increases the ability to socialize,” Hermanson emphasized.

Speech problems and delayed speaking are very common in children. Some causes for a disorder could be from hearing loss, TBI (traumatic brain injury), emotional disorders, developmental disorders; but more than likely the cause is unknown. “Again, I like to emphasize, we can’t fix it, but we can improve the lives with tools, and understanding. We all want to be healthy, and with effective tools and knowledge, we can be our best,” said Hermanson.

Hermanson’s primary goal is to provide evaluation and diagnosis, direct treatment and provide that training to the individual, family and caregivers as needed. She is available by appointment and initial consultations are free of charge. Horizons Speech Therapy Services accepts major health insurance plans, Medicaid, and Medicare. Horizons Speech Therapy can be reached at 701 208 1602, or email at horizonspeech@gondtc.com.

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