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City Government Week: Educating children on community services

By Staff | Apr 6, 2018

Students and their teachers inspect tanks at the water treatment plant in Rugby. Ely Elementary third graders and Little Flower Catholic School students got to tour the plant earlier this week as part of City Government Week.

The week of April 2, the Ely Elementary 3rd graders and the Little Flower Catholic School students were treated with a tour of the Rugby Water Treatment Facility at 4th Ave NW in Rugby. Jennifer Stewart, City Auditor from the City of Rugby, organized the event for City Government Week along with a luncheon, a coloring contest, and a student ride in a police car.

“This week is about teaching our children what Rugby’s city government does. It gave them a chance to see how our water is taken care of in Rugby.” said Stewart about Wednesday’s tour.

“The kids know their water comes out of the tap, but this tour shows them where it comes from, where it goes to, and what it takes to keep their water clean and healthy.” said Greg Boucher, water treatment plant supervisor. Boucher has worked at the facility for seventeen years maintaining the water system.

“The main tank on the hill by the treatment plant, contains 1 million gallons of water, the tank behind stores 180,000 gallons, and we have 250,000 gallons here inside the facility. “This water goes 8 feet under the ground into the pipes, and to the water tower near the high school,” Boucher commented.

When asked if the pipes froze over this winter, Boucher said yes about eight times. Areas throughout the city were dug up and the pipes replaced. “Breaks are fixed quite quickly, and our water quality is very good. Rugby has a good quality of water, compared to other places.” He told the kids there are 18 miles of water line that are underground that send water safely to their homes. He showed them the cleaning process, the various tanks, 18 feet deep in the facility, that clean and protect their water.

City Government Week sponsored multiple activities this week. A coloring contest was held, pencils were given out to students, a luncheon was served at Ely on Thursday to the kids by city employees. The winner of the coloring contest received a ride to school in a police car by Police Chief John Rose, all in an effort to educate Rugby’s children about what city government does for the community. Officer Monroe discuss security offered by the City Police Department.

Stewart said, “City Government week is a time to teach our kids and develop their understanding of what our community is all about, and how it is governed.” She added, “We thank our Police Chief Rose and Officer Monroe for helping kids understand their jobs and to everyone who helped implement City Government Week.”

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