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Rugby Housing: A multi-part study (part two)

By Staff | Mar 16, 2018

The former Community Baptist Church building west of Hardware Hank in Rugby requires restoration, demolition or new development. Bonnie Remmick/PCT

NOTE: The following is a continuation of the Comprehensive Housing Survey started last week in the Pierce County Tribune. The Rugby population data and trends have been produced for the Job Development Board from ESRI, a private data reporting service through Community Partners Research.

The report indicates the following estimates for the City of Rugby as 2,848 for 2017 population which is a decrease of 28 people from 2010 to December, 2017.

The US Census Bureau also released annual population estimates. The most recent for Rugby was 2,815 effective July 2, 2016. ESRI’s Pierce County estimate is 4,299, a loss of 58 people since 2010. The Census Bureau estimated a decrease of 90 people since 2010.

Pierce County’s population was 4,357 in 2010. This was a decrease of 318 people from 2000. A loss of 6.8 percent population for Pierce county was reported. These can be attributed to people moving outside Pierce County, or reported deaths.

Rugby’s population is primarily White and non-Hispanic/Latino, however it was reported a significant American Indian population. According to the 2010 U.S. Census, approximately 91.9 percent of the City’s residents were White and 5.8 percent Native American. Additionally, in the study 0.3 percent identified themselves as Black or African American, and 2.1 percent identified themselves as some other race or two or more races. Also, 1.3 percent of the population identified themselves Hispanic.

For many years demographic analysts have been talking about the impact of the Baby Boomers moving through the aging cycle. This trend has been evident in Pierce County as will be shown in the rental, and senior housing market trends in a later article, Part 3.

What does this mean to Pierce County? If you are looking for new employees, working with human services needs to identify budgets, selling or buying real estate, or looking for rentals this information gives an idea of whom your audience will be for future housing.

In the future, this is indicated currently in Rugby by a trend for multiplex housing, senior-like one floor housing units, condos and new housing on single levels.

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