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Rugby Housing: A multi-part study (part one)

By Staff | Mar 9, 2018

NOTE: This article is part one of a multi-part series the Tribune is doing on the Rugby Job Development Authority’s comprehensive housing study.

The JDA has received a completed Rugby Comprehensive Housing Study that was completed and prepared by Community Partners Research, Inc., of Faribault, MN. This housing study was completed in December, 2017.

One of the reasons for the study was that it had become apparent that local and elected public officials are responsible for conditions and circumstances over which they have limited control, such as housing.

Most housing units in Rugby and Pierce County are owned, and constructed with private funds. The public is demanding that public officials control what happens to the housing market, by eliminating deteriorating circumstances which protects an owner’s investment. New economic growth can be stimulated by new housing being built. However it is more desirable to repair and maintain existing properties rather than build expensive new homes, in an area where all properties can be afforded, and appeal to different age demographics. This recognizes that the needs for properties at 65+ may be different, than those needed or can be afforded, at say age 30 with growing families.

The goals of the study are multiple. The study itself is located on the Rugby JDA website. Questions can be directed to the new JDA Chairman, Tanner Johnson. The study addresses providing updated demographic data, provides an analysis of the current housing inventory, tries to determine gaps or unmet housing needs, examines future trends in housing for the area, and provides a market analysis for future housing, provides housing recommendations and findings.

The large study is over 105 pages, but contains information about existing homes, rental housing inventories, employment and local economic trends, findings and recommendations. Lastly, it provides a list of agencies and resources for helping with maintaining existing homes, ongoing housing needs in Rugby and Pierce County, and trends which may help developers, construction companies and local people identify areas where they can expand their businesses, offer services, and help stabilize the housing market and assist it in growth opportunities.

In the future, the Pierce County Tribune will identify and expand on areas of the study that the public may find useful. If you have any specific questions, inquiries may be sent to bremmick@thepiercecountytribune.com.

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