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Holiday fire safety tips

By Staff | Dec 1, 2017

Your holiday home will be safer from fire when you practice some sound fire prevention techniques with your family before there is problem.

The National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) published the basic fire prevention tips: keep bedroom doors closed at night. Next is to make sure you have working and tested fire alarms in multiple places throughout the house. Your children can be involved with fire prevention and know what to do in the event there is a fire. A review once a year will keep children aware of what to do if the fire alarm goes off. Small children forget and should have a refresher course as they grow older.

“Review these safety items with your family, and always practice safety around open flames, any time of the year,” added local firefighter Danny Raymond.

If a fire from an electrical fire from a Christmas tree or other electrical source begins, do not use water, baking soda or salt to put it out. Have fire extinguishers that are identified for electrical use only. Christmas tree fires are not that common, but when they do occur, unplug the tree if it’s safe to do so. Call 911 and make sure help is on the way, just in case something happens to you during the process. If you are not alone, have someone else call.

Candles are known to start two out of five holiday fires. Make sure candles are out before leaving the area, and definitely before leaving the house. Teach all children to respect candles and never try to drain the liquid wax for any reason while it is hot. Use battery-operated, non-fire candles if possible.

Experts say have a family plan which tells everyone where to go, the route to take, and a location a safe distance away from the house where the family will gather. Window decals are available to place on bedroom windows. Animal decals are also available. These decals alert fireman to occupants of the home and the rooms they sleep in. Locally you can find these decals at your local hardware store or Shopko.

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