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No excuses, no regrets

By Staff | Sep 1, 2017

Submitted photo Kristi Kirk (left) with her daughters, MiKayla (center) and Kylee.

“Grieving is a journey and a process. This path is unpredictable and is different for all those who are on their own individual grief journey.”

For Kristi Kirk, the writer of a blog and website containing those words, grieving is a journey she and her daughters have known all too well.

A daughter of Wes & Carol Miiller of Rugby as well as a Rugby High School alumna, Kirk lost her 18-year-old son PK in June 2013, when he was killed instantly in a car accident. Twenty-two months before that, Kristi had become a widow.

“I had always heard the death of a child is the worst thing to experience,” Kristi said. “I am a believer in this 100 percent.”

Kristi said she spent a long time in shock, reliving every moment with her son and through the accident and funeral as the first anniversary of her son’s death approached. Writing became a way to document everything she had been reliving.

“I had always heard the death of a child is the worst thing to experience. I am a believer in this 100 percent.” — Kristi Kirk

The writing continued into a book that is near completion.

For nearly three months, Kristi has had a website, kristiannkirk.com, and blog that discusses a variety of subjects, including the journey of grieving, anxiety and other effects of trauma, and living a life described by a motto about her son and his life: “No excuses, no regrets.”

“The blog is an open way to share our grief and discuss different aspects of our grief journey,” Kristi said, “whether it is as a widow, a mother of a dead son, a mother of grieving children, two young girls who lost their daddy when they were 11 and 14 and their only brother when they were 13 and 16, and many other topics that we encounter along the way.”

Kristi said the blog has been well received.

“I have been told that it is helpful to hear our feelings in grief as others can relate to how we have felt and are feeling,” Kristi said. “There has been a lot of sharing of the different blogs on social media as well and a continued increase to the subscribers to the blog. There also have been continued connections established between myself and others who are grieving, which is one of my goals.”

Kristi Kirk’s daughters with their late brother, PK, on a beach in Florida during their last spring break with him in 2013. Submitted photo

Interested persons can subscribe to Kristi’s blog by going to kristiannkirk.com, entering their email addresses and clicking “subscribe.”

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