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Profitability trend continuing at HACTC

By Staff | Jun 9, 2017

April was another profitable month for the Heart of America Correctional & Treatment Center.

HACTC Administrator Mike Graner informed the Pierce County Board of County Commissioners at their regular meeting Tuesday morning that the facility showed a $24,056.56 profit in April.

The facility ended January with a profit of $33,827.56. February was profitable but wasn’t as high, with $8,212.79. March showed an uptick with $36,589.66.

In May, the average daily population at HACTC was 116 inmates, with a high of 123 and a low of 112.

(sub.) Other actions

– The board accepted a bid from RDO Equipment for a new motorgrader.

– The board approved a transfer of $100,000 from the County Poor Relief fund to Social Services.

– The board voted to cancel unclaimed checks and send payment to the State Land Department.

– The board approved payments from the 2013 disaster fund closeout to Tuscarora ($1,035.89), Elverum ($6,259.95), Rush Lake ($1,241.28), East Barton ($1,167.48) and Sandale ($7,408.60) townships; and from the 2011 disaster fund closeout to Union ($413.14), Wolford ($1,074.19), Juniata ($3,580.09), Spring Lake ($114.83), East Barton ($84.57), Barton ($1,956.60), Dewey ($1,304.89), Walsh ($146.71), Tofte ($547.14), Hurricane Lake ($2,509.94), Christenson ($3,449), Girard ($1,183.70), Rosedale ($1,798.61), Sandale ($83.74), Hillside ($2,689.45), Jefferson ($2,427.15), Meyer ($9,852.13), Ness ($1,186.34), Reno Valley ($3,491.18), Rush Lake ($362.32), Torgerson ($4,735.97), Truman ($764.21), Tuscarora ($3,262.15) and White ($9,721.71) townships. The Road & Bridge fund received $16,884.25 from the 2011 fund closeout.

– The board approved abatement applications for Dwight Liming, Ralph Bertsch, Edward & Joanne Ziegler and Mike Koble.

– The board met as the county Board of Equalization and approved adjusting values on lots 5 and 6 of Rugby Subdivision 13 from $55,575 to $41,681; adjusting the value of northwest quarter-southwest quarter of land in Section 4 Township 151 Range 74 from $131,658 to $86,518; and leaving the values of land in Antelope Hills as is. The board denied an inundated land application for Tim Tuchscherer.

– The board approved May meeting minutes, bills, financial statements and treasurer’s checks.

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