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Rolette Tesoro offers winter diesel fuel

By Staff | Jan 27, 2017

Town and Country Tesoro, located in Rolette, is offering what some are calling the best diesel fuel in the area.

Johnson Oil Co. is responsible for this fuel, which is P-40 diesel fuel out of Canada. According to Dean Block, owner of Johnson Oil, the fuel is good in temperatures around 40 below zero.

“They take the wax out of the fuel, which gives it a lower pour point in colder temperatures,” Block said.

The P-40 fuel offers similar benefits to those of No. 2 diesel fuel. A lot of stations offer No. 1 fuel, but according to Block, it gives less power, it’s not as efficient and it’s more expensive.

“I think that everyone should know that this fuel has better benefits to using it over the No. 1 fuel. It’s cheaper and more economic to the user,” Block said.

P-40 fuel is designed to rid some of the problems that come with low temperatures, such as icing, which is the most common winter problem. Icing occurs when ice crystals or a layer of ice plugs the fuel filter. Engines may run for a while before stalling when icing occurs. Another problem that P-40 helps to eliminate is waxing or gelling. Although rare, waxing/gelling occurs when wax crystals separate below the pour point and plug the filter. Eventually, the fuel will gel and turn solid. Lastly, P-40 helps to combat fuel flow restriction, when the engine will run but will not develop full power. This could be because of fine filtration, a partly plugged filter, or high viscosity fuel.

Johnson Oil Co. offers two versions of the fuel, with the on-road version being clear, and the off-road version dyed red. The off-road fuel is mostly used for tractors. Johnson Oil Co. does deliver to farms.

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