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Rock and roll is like…pizza?

By Staff | Jun 24, 2016

Rock and roll fans get ready for the show of your lives. Hairball is coming to town, Friday, July 1, as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of the Pierce County Fair.

Hairball is not your ordinary rock and roll band; it is a chance to experience some of the greatest and hardest rockers of the past, including KISS, Journey, Aerosmith, AC/DC and more.

Since its beginnings 16 years ago, Hairball has become an event for all to witness. The band is not just a tribute to the greats of the past; it is bringing those very rock stars, as they were in the 80s, to the present.

“It’s about an era before the Internet,” Happy, the lead guitarist for Hairball, said. “It was a magical time.”

With so much inspiration, one might wonder how Hairball chooses its set list. According to Happy, however, there is no rhyme or reason to it much like rock and roll itself. “We just look into our childhood, and it speaks to us,” he said. “Rock and roll puts you in that state where you act first, ask questions later.”

As for the show itself, expect the unexpected. With a mix of costumes and characters, pyrotechnics, props, and lights, among other surprises, Hairball is definitely a musical adventure. “It’s not predictable. I’m gonna slap you in the face with this rock and roll!” Happy said.

Happy explained that there is something for everyone in the set list. With performances by Hairball dressed as bands such as Van Halen and Queen, characters and the music that comes with them change often in the time span of Hairball’s show. “We’re really good at capturing the spirit and the feeling of those who we play,” Happy said. “If you have never seen Gene Simmons or Twisted Sister, you are going to want to go see them [after this].” For some, this may be the closest to the real thing they will ever see.

As a band that gets its energy from the crowd, band members pride themselves in being crowd-inclusive and entertaining. Yes, Hairball is all about the rock and roll, but it is also all about its fans. For Happy, it is the fans that have come to see Hairball religiously that he looks to. “I think of the person that’s come to see us 12, 16 times, and I imagine them with a friend or a family member who’s never seen us beforeI think to myself, ‘Don’t let them down,'” he said about what goes on in his head right before the music starts to play.

It is also a more personal experience, as well. Happy said he got his interest in rock and roll by listening to his father play guitar. He grew up with the sounds of Elvis; the sounds that Happy believes will never die. Calling Hairball a “preservation society of what is cool,” Happy explained that the sounds of the bands they pay tribute to in each act is music that will last forever.

Something else that will last forever, in Happy’s mind, are his memories. However, these memories are not the ones that anyone might expect. They aren’t the memories of shows played in London, Las Vegas or any other large city. The memories that Happy holds onto are the ones of shows played in small towns, such as Rugby.

“Some of my favorite memories playing with Hairball, the things I’m going to remember when I’m an old grandpa Happy, are the ones playing in small towns,” Happy said. “It’s more special. Those people work so hard, so when it’s time to party, they really are smelling the roses and taking time to taste the coffee.”

For the rock and roll fans out there, be sure to catch Happy and Hairball at the Pierce County Fair on July 1st, and for those who aren’t fans of the music, come for the show alone. “It’s live Rock and Roll! Feel the heat on the skin, smell the pyro smoke, hear the music,” Happy said about the experience. “We’re like that sample at the grocery store when they’re handing out free bites of pizza.” In other words, Hairball is sure to be something great.

Tickets to see Hairball are on sale now for $25.

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