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County board reviews siren request

By Staff | May 13, 2016

A concern was issued to the Pierce County Board of County Commissioners regarding changes in how sirens in the city of Rugby operate.

At a special meeting Tuesday morning, the board met with Kelsey Siegler, tax director/emergency manager/zoning administrator, to discuss narrow-banding and a siren maintenance agreement request for consideration from the city of Rugby.

The board received correspondence from Rugby Auditor Elizabeth Heisey regarding the Law Enforcement Center switching radios and concerns from the city’s Public Safety committee.

The radio in the city’s fire hall is narrow-band and when they ran a test of the sirens, not all of them went off. All the sirens went off when they were switched at the LEC.

Siegler said the radio to set off sirens would need to be converted to narrow-band otherwise the LEC would not be in compliance with the Federal Communications Commission. Chairman Dave Migler said upgrading the radio to be in compliance is a priority.

“We should look at doing our part first,” Migler said.

States Attorney Galen Mack said that Siegler and a board member should attend the Public Safety committee meeting on Wednesday.


The board and Siegler discussed extra-territorial zoning of the second half-mile around the city of Rugby.

Due to expansion, new maps were needed to be drawn to determine where zoning jurisdictions begin and end for the city and the county. However, if both boards agree to zoning the area, the next step in the process would involve Pierce County States’ Attorney Galen Mack providing a contract to relinquish the County’s zoning authority in the second half mile. The city would then have to hold hearings regard expansion and zoning changes.

Siegler said that a portion of land along Highway 2 could be zone as Highway Commercial or Industrial.


The board discussed the permanent alternate route project in Hillside Township. Due to the project being over $100,000 in cost, it would have to be re-bid. The board learned that the Federal Emergency Management Agency capped funds for the project at over $78,000 and would not provide additional monies. The board also learned that FEMA could request that the county could reimburse them the cost of the alternate route project if the scope of work-which includes adding two feet on each side of the road-was not followed.

The board approved a variance request from Brad Mitzel to construct a 52’x72′ building in Section 24, Township 154 N, Range 74 W.

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