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More Than A Dedication at Buffalo Lake

By Staff | Jul 31, 2015

Tree dedication at Buffalo Lake Recreation Area.

The Buffalo Lake Recreation Area is located five miles from Esmond. It is a place for those who want to come and enjoy a slice of heaven on earth. It is a place where one can come relax, camp, and enjoy the beautiful ambiance of the lake and, now, 22 more shade trees that were dedicated on July 18th.

The planting and dedication of the shade trees was the latest project of a very active Buffalo Lake Sportsman’s Club Board whose members are Wanda Bullinger, president; Terry Schwab, vice president; Julie Grove, secretary/treasurer; Tina Arnold, Brandon Grove, Donny Vetsch, and Greg Wolfe. Some of the other projects they have completed in the past three years include: tearing down dead trees, new fire rings, painting all buildings, tinning all building roofs and picnic shelters, new cement under the concession stand, a new bar area on the concession stand, an expanded beach area with new sand for the past two years, 12 new picnic tables, miscellaneous other improvements and general maintenance.

All the work done has really made this area of Esmond special for local residents and tourists alike. The latest project, the planting of the trees and dedication, just added to the specialness of the Buffalo Lake Recreation Area not only for the shade that the trees will eventually cast on warm summer days, but now with the dedication families and friends will have a place to come to reflect, laugh and cry as they remember their loved ones or just appreciate the memories of the lake.

The trees dedicated on July 18 included: 1. Walter & Ann Streifel, 2. Derick Wolfe, 3. Merton & Virginia Reierson, 4. Ed Ripplinger, 5. Arthur & Irene Rice, 6. Rochus & Helen Leier, 7. Orvin & Myrtle Olson, 8. Elmer & Bea Wolfe, 9. Donald & Karen Leier, 10. Ardys Jaeger, 11. Gary Rieger, 12. Ron Erickson, 13. Christ Hager, 14. Lucille Hager, 15. Louis Arnold, 16. Floyd & Ruth Smith, 17. Benno, Bernie, Gerald Lauinger, 18. Basil & Ellen Truax, 19. Andrew Pranke, 20. Matt & Dorothy Schwab, 21. Victor & MaryElaine Wolf, 22. Hans Berg.

The trees dedications ran the gambit, with some honoring loved ones and families who lived long lives, others were dedicated to those who were taken from us way too young and everything in between. What they all had in common was love.

According to Grove, so many people were so moved by the dedication that they have received requests from 10 more people who missed the first dedication and would like to purchase trees now. She shared, “We were so overwhelmed by the response we received already and the comments about the memorials. It is a great little community and our lake area has always been an important part of it.” She continued, “I am very blessed to say that I grew up there. So many people shared stories of their time at the lake during this process – it was fun and heart warming.” She concluded, “My father, who is 79, was a part of the Buffalo Lake Sportsman’s Club when he was younger. The club wasn’t very active for a number of years, because of receding water levels in the lake, until about three years ago, when the water levels started to rise, the group of board members we have now got involved and started it back up again.”

Started they did; and with future plans to keep planting trees and make this a spot of Esmond as beautiful as it is peaceful, the Buffalo Lake Recreation Area will continue to grow as a place to come and enjoy the beauty of nature.

If anyone wants to dedicate a tree or information about dedicating a tree you can call Grove at 214-0059.

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