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Let’s Dance

By Staff | Jul 31, 2015

Stephanie Hackel doing what she does best, taking care of her customers.

What do you get when you have a driven person who loves their community and wants to give back to it? The answer is: you have Stephanie Hackel putting on the second Balta Street Dance with the band Jacked Up performing live country music from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. tonight. When asked what is in store at the dance Hackel said, “Lots of great music, food, fun and people dancing”

Preparing for such an event is a large undertaking, with the population of Balta that is between 45-60, depending on the time of year, swelling for this event to as high as 400, if the weather is good. So we asked Hackel why she does it and she responded, “Up in the area, the Balta street dances were always a great time. As with small town establishments, street dances have also started to disappear. It’s a great way to bring the community together for a good quality social event.” She continued, “With a combination of the town and the dam, this is my home and I hope to play a part in the future of Balta and hopefully be able to create great memories for others in the community.”

Hackel, who owns Balta Bar with her husband, Jayson, has been there since late October 2013. Stephanie brings many years of experience in the hospitality industry, experience that serves her well in running the Balta Bar. We asked her why Balta and why the bar business? She shared, “With 17 years of experience, I felt ownership was the next progressive step. It is such a true pleasure to be in business in Balta.” She continued, “The people are genuine and caring individuals whom I look forward to serving daily. I feel so blessed to love my job.” She concluded, “As far as location, Balta has always held great memories for me, and the bar itself has such an interesting and long history.

For Stephanie, the Balta Street dance is more than just another event in another town. She puts her heart and soul into making this event special, as a reflection of a simpler time where communities shared a common good. According to her, “It takes a lot of hard work and help from a wonderful family and slue of great friends to make the Balta Street Dance a success.”

With Stephanie at the helm and the continued support of the community, her family and her friends, this year’s Balta Street Dance will be the second of many.

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