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Candy Land Brings Their Form Of Circus To Rugby

By Staff | Jul 23, 2015

JT Pelt/PCT Candy Land performer Jesús Aguilar juggles or balances, your choice.

When you think of the circus, you think of sawdust and swinging trapeze artists. You think of twinkling lights and towering big tops. You think of excitement and the dusty trails of knowledge kicked up by all the traveling performers. The circus is a wondrous place.

This past Monday the Candy Land Circus came to Rugby with their own form of the circus, and they played to a crowd of delighted young children at the Community Center on the Pierce County Fair grounds.

Though you were not regaled with a more traditional circus show that would have included elephants, clowns or trapeze artists flying with the greatest of ease under the big tent, Candy Land did provide wholesome entertainment with some very talented performers. They did have some circus staples like the smell of freshly popped popcorn, cotton candy, peanuts and the classic circus music song “Entry of the Gladiators”. John Derrell the manager and ring announcer of the Candy Land Circus shared that they call this kind of circus a “building circus show.”

According to Derrell, the Candy Land Show is out of Sarasota, Fla. the mecca of all circuses large and small, “We’re here to sell tickets and memories.” John continued, “You can feel safe bringing your kids here and your children can be entertained.”

The show has three primary performers who happen to be siblings: Jess, Diana and Jasmany Aguilar, all born in Mexico. Their performances drew their share of loud ovations, oohs and aahs from the spectators, with their juggling, feats of strength and balancing, plus hula hooping and acrobatics.

Jess, who is an accomplished juggler as well as acrobat, has performed in circuses all of his life. He said his first act was juggling in his grandmother’s little circus in his home country of Mexico. While he said he enjoys performing, he noted the drawbacks to his and his sister’s nomadic lifestyle. “Sometimes it’s very hard,” he said, “We have friends in Mexico that we don’t see for a long time.”

The show closed with an appearance of the upbeat, absorbent, yellow and porous

SpongeBob SquarePants, who took the time to pose for pictures with the kids.

When asked what he thought of the Rugby show Derrell said, “I think it went good. I was pleased with the attendance and I look forward to bringing the show back to Rugby it was fun and that’s why I still do it.” Derrell, whose career in the circus industry expands three decades, responded when asked how much longer he planned on being part of the circus. “There are not many jobs that you can be part of something that makes adults feel like kids and where you can make kids smile.” He continued, “Besides, what else am I going to do? It is in my blood.”

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