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A Toast To Haaland Estates

By Staff | Jul 17, 2015

Photo submitted. Haaland Estates team celebrating a customer service satisfaction score of 97%. BACK: (left to right) ­­Peggy Poitra, Margaret Cichos, Lisa Hanson, Tammy Tufte, David Tofte, Shelby Groth, Marilyn Goldade, Kalia Borgen, LeAnn Ostilie, Bonnie Duchscher, Ken Sitter, Ron Biggs. FRONT: Karolann Sebelius, Jeannie Schell, Christy Zink, Marian Schmaltz, JoAnn Burns, Kathy Brower, Chelsey Greger, Lindsey Bukowski, LeAnn Lazier, Maribel Odden, Leann Hofer. (Not pictured: Edwin Nueda, Kelly Clements, Pat Kuhnhenn, Lila Robbins, Lyla Hoffert, Jenny Heilman, Carol Natwick, Jeanette Bursinger, Lori Schroeder, Janelle Lemer, Darcy Martin, Dennis Muffenbier, Samatha Poitra, Mandie Suchor, Andrea Schmitt, Hannah Huwe, Emily Hanson, Renae Dockter, Jeffery Paulson, Brittney Poitra, Rachel Mack, Grace Solberg, Susana Moncera, and Tracy Skaar.)

Choosing a place to care for our loved ones is one of the hardest decisions we will ever have to make. Almost all of us have, at one time or another, had a loved one who needed more assistance than we could give. There comes a time when those we love need to be cared for by professionals, whether that’s because they are sick, disabled or simply because father time has taken his toll. The question then becomes, what place can show the elderly the respect they deserve while also taking care of them and allowing them to live a free and happy life once more? Well, if you ask the residents of Haaland Estates in Rugby, they’ll tell you they have found just such a place.

According to haalandestates.com, Ruth and Harold Haaland established a Christian, non-profit organization called the Haaland Home in Rugby, North Dakota in 1961. Their vision was to provide seniors with quality healthcare and personal service in a pleasant setting. In 1988, responding to a need for senior housing, Haaland Home opened Haaland Manor apartments. The apartments soon filled and in 1997 a second unit opened. Ever aware of the community’s changing needs, in November 2007 Haaland Manor became a licensed assisted living facility. A year later home care was added to the menu of services. In 2008, to reflect their commitment to continuity of care, they changed their name to Haaland Estates, provider of home care, assisted living and basic care services.

Their philosophy is simple, yet complex in its magnitude and scope: “Our goal is to help seniors maintain their highest levels of independence in safe, caring environments. We realize everyone’s needs are different and we customize our services to meet those needs. We will help you develop a plan for living that champions your individuality, preserves your independence and keeps you healthy, happy and safe.”

While it is easy for a business to put great sounding things on their website, what it really comes down to is the customer’s opinion, or in this case the resident’s opinions. With that in mind, take a look at some of the great things that were said about Haaland Estates and their wonderful staff:

Bonnie: “When I first got here she (Caregiver Carol Natwick) always checked in on me and made sure I had everything I needed and to see that I was comfortable. She treated me special.”

Photo submitted. Residents of Haaland Estates (left to right) Rose Hager, Marilyn Klebe, Alice Heintz celebrate.

Bonnie: “I feel Kathy (Caregiver Kathy Brower) is very worthy of this award (Caregiver of the Year Award) because she really finds it so important to do things for us that we like. And not only does she help her own department but will put out games for us to play or get people to activities when needed. She goes the extra mile every day just to make us happy.”

It’s clear from the glowing recommendations from the residents that the staff is highly respected, but what about the caregivers themselves? We asked them about their personal philosophies, and their answers are probably what you’d expect from world class Caregivers.

Chelsey says her personal philosophy is, “Giving the best care that you can and being as respectful as possible when doing it.”

Leann told us her mission is, “To see residents happy and satisfied and making them smile.”

Christy said, “To give great care to everyone, making them feel this is their home.”

Jenny had a similar response when she said, “Giving the best care imaginable, making each person comfortable and happy. Making them feel like this is their home.”

JoAnn’s response was, “To make this like a home, a family. Seeing them happy makes me happy. ” She continued, “To listen to them and hear their story. I learn a lot from them every single day.”

Darcy said of their philosophy, “It’s helping people to transition from their home to our home, here at Haaland.”

Marian told us, “Giving great care for our residents and staff working together to make sure it happens.”

Margaret relayed to us that her philosophy is, “To help make our residents happy, caring for them as individuals as they are each different with different needs. To be there for them, listen to them and hear their great stories.”

And finally, Peggy said, “To treat each person with dignity and respect. To try my best to meet their needs and make them feel safe and happy.”

This philosophy of caring for their residents comes from the top down starting with the Executive Director Marilyn Goldade, who, by example and by commitment, has ushered Haaland Estates to it current standing of excellence in the community and in the industry. This excellence was recently recognized with Haaland Estates receiving statewide recognition for a 97% customer service satisfaction score.

When building a productive and caring team the hiring process is an important step. When we asked what characteristics Haaland Estates looks for when hiring a new employee, the staff told us they look for individuals who have a passion for what they do, are compassionate and caring, positive, individuals who demonstrate integrity and honesty. They look for individuals who are willing to work with and support the team. The staff also looks for caregivers who are looking for more than a paycheck, and who are interested in developing relationships with the people they care for and the team they work with.

When we asked Kathy, another caregiver at Haaland Estates, what the residents mean to her, she told us “My residents mean everything. They are like family and I treat them as if they were my own family.” We also asked Kathy what does being a caregiver mean to her, and she said “It means everything to me. I enjoy what I do. I love the fact that we are all like one big family. ” She continued, “The people I care for are not just a job to me, they are everything. I absolutely love what I do.”

It is no wonder that residents have nominated so many of the staff for the “Caregiver of the Year Award”. The nominations are: Kathy Brower, dietician as one resident stated ” Kathy is always smiling and always wanting to do her best for the residents.” Lisa Hanson, the Activity Director had multiple nominations, the consensus of the residents stated, “Lisa lights up the room when she is present. She is always friendly and happy and just makes you feel good to be around her.” Carol Natwick, a nurse, was also nominated by multiple residents. It was said about Carol, “All of us agree that even when she is busy she takes the time for us. She makes us feel good about ourselves and living here. She always notices us and takes time for us. All the employees here are great! She just stands out to us because she consistently adds that personal touch.”

The prevailing belief of many if not all of the residents was stated by resident Nick Schall who stated, “When I heard about the caregiver award, I went to Marilyn Goldade, the administrator of this place, and I told her there is no way I can nominate just one person. That would be like telling my kids I have a favorite child. I wouldn’t do that. Everyone here is like my family. They all do a wonderful job. If I could nominate all of them, I would, but I can’t just pick out one. So this is why I am choosing to nominate the whole staff at the Haaland Estates in Rugby. I appreciate each and every one of them.”

Well said Nick, well said! As you can see, if you have a loved one at the Haaland Estates you not only have them in very good hands, you have them in very special hands.

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