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The Answer is Yes! What is the Question?

By Staff | May 21, 2015

Ashley Burkhartsmeier/PCT Tommy Moller was named Volunteer of the Month.

Small communities survive by volunteers. Volunteering is something you do not for the money, but for self-satisfaction that you helped someone else. Some people judge worth by what they are being paid, so they may feel that a job they are are volunteering for is worthless but in fact what they are doing is priceless. The definition of priceless is something so precious that its value cannot be determined. That same sentiment can be used for Tommy Moller an individual with such enormous qualities and value they cannot be quantified.

To Tommy, when someone asks for help the answer is always yes, no matter the question. In the world of volunteering, each task that is asked to be done has specific nuances that need to be met in order for the job to be done properly, allowing the organization to survive and prosper. Tommy Moller epitomizes those ideals and there are many organizations that have benefited from his willingness to help and his ability to get the job done. That is just who Tommy is. It is also why the Rugby Chamber of Commerce recently recognized Tommy Moller for all his volunteer work and his tireless efforts in the Rugby community by naming him Volunteer of the Month.

Laurie Odden who nominated Tommy for Volunteer of the Month had this to say about Tommy and why she nominated him, “I put Tommy’s name in because he is such a kind, caring person -always with a smile and quick wit for anyone he sees. I got to know him when I was still at the hospital and he was always willing to help and do whatever was needed – he was used to being such a busy man and was always looking at how he could make others’ days a little brighter.”

Tommy Moller, a WWII vet and a retired self-employed businessman from York, has lived in Rugby for the past 11 years and counting. Tommy owned a machine shop in York that had been around for over 100 years. Tommy took it over from his father and Tommy’s son took it over from him. Those days in the machine shop is where Tommy got his attitude that the answer is yes no matter what the question was. As Tommy stated, “It was our business to help whomever came in our shop. If we didn’t have it, we got it, and if we couldn’t get it, we made it.” He continued, “That’s the way it was back then. You helped your customers, no matter what. There were no specialty shops. I learned that from my dad. He had us working at the shop since we were nine years old, but that was okay. It made us who we are.”

According to Linda Kay Duchscher of the Heart of America Medical Center some of the things Tommy has said yes for is running the popcorn cart, assisting with weekly Bingo, assisting with special events at the nursing home and Haaland Estates, and sitting with sick and dying residents. Tommy has also said yes to assisting the Salvation Army locally.

When Tommy speaks about Rugby’s hospital, the Heart of America Medical Center, and the people he interacts with there, his eyes sparkle, a warm smile spreads across his lips and he seems to come more alive. Especially when he talks about Joyce and Linda, who work at Heart of America Medical Center, and Jeff, its CEO. When referring to them he uses words like family, daughters and friends. Tommy has the same sentiments for Laurie Odden from the Relay for Life organization who he says is like family.

When we asked Linda her thoughts about Tommy, she shared, “I cannot remember a time when Tommy was asked to lend a helping hand and he said no. He was always willing to assist wherever and whenever needed and always with a positive attitude. Tommy has an outgoing personality and has an amazing gift to make everyone smile and laugh. He is just contagious – wherever he is, one hears laughter.”

The Pierce County Tribune would like to conclude by saying thank you to Tommy Moller. Thank you for all that you have done. Thank you for serving your country and your community. Tommy, you are very much appreciated and you will always be in the hearts of the many lives that you have touched. God Bless you, Tommy.

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