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The Bold and the Beautiful

By Staff | Apr 24, 2015

Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Zachmeier Photography The seniors of Rugby High School who attended prom Saturday pose for a picture downtown Rugby. The theme for the night was "A Night Under the Stars".

Last week in Rugby the “Bold & Beautiful” the best and brightest came together for one special “A Night Under the Stars”, the Junior-Senior prom. On prom night, here and across across the country, whether the attendees go together as friends or as a couple it isn’t just a date, it is a happening.

The Junior-Senior prom has been called one of the biggest social events in the life of an American high school student. Why is it the most memorable, and for some the most romantic and meaningful few hours of 75-or-so years on Earth? Well, symbolically it is an end of childhood and the beginning of young adulthood. It is when the promise of years past, couple with the reality of years to come. It is when reflections of yesterday take a back seat to the dreams of tomorrow. The prom is many things, but the one thing it is not, is a date. It is a festive passage where the possibilities of an enchanted feature seem endless. For this one night, the rules of attraction change beyond recognition. The ceremonial elegance called Rugby’s High School Junior-Senior Prom has its own social guidelines that apply for one night only, making it a night to remember for the 53 couples attended this year’s prom, and creating treasured memories for a lifetime.

The word prom is short for promenade, “the formal, introductory parading of guests at a party” according to the Webster’s dictionary. The history of the prom can be traced back to the simple co-ed banquets that 19th century American universities held for each year’s graduating class. A growing teenage culture pushed proms younger and younger, and by the 1940s the adolescent dance known today had evolved. In the 1950s, a prosperous postwar economy allowed some high schools to usurp the traditional gymnasium in favor of proms held in hotels or at country clubs. It has been reported that President Kennedy rescheduled a 1963 $1,000-a-plate fundraiser at the Beverly Hilton to accommodate a local school whose prom had been booked for the same time. In addition, in 1975 President Ford’s daughter Susan held her high school’s senior prom at the White House.

No matter where a prom is held, it will forever be remembered, frozen in time, as the night of all nights. This year’s Junior-Senior prom “A Night Under the Stars” for the Rugby junior and senior class is no different and the Pierce County Tribune is proud to help celebrate the Rugby prom with a pictorial salute.

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