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Court Is Now In Session

By Staff | Apr 24, 2015


Welcome to our new weekly feature that is replacing Crime Beat. Instead of regurgitating boring reports off of a public government web site we have decided to attend court, whenever possible, to report first hand the happenings of the week. The segment will be called “Court is Now in Session”.

This week we attended court on Tuesday, April 21st, and the first observation was how beautiful the Pierce County Court room is. The beauty takes you back in time when craftsmanship took precedence over expediency. I encourage everyone, if you have not seen it, to come to court one day as an observer.

The session started at 10:00 a.m. with the defendants lined up waiting for their fate. First on the docket was Patrick Paul Wolfe. The offense of driving under the influence was dismissed (B.A.L. .09), and Mr. Wolfe pleaded guilty to reckless driving. He was sentenced to a suspended 30 day jail sentence with one year unsupervised probation. He was allowed to buy out of community service with a payment of $100.00 plus he was fined $500.00, $225.00 court costs and $25.00 for victims fund.

At this time it became quite apparent who was in charge of the court room. During the sentencing of Mr. Wolfe there were two defendants waiting their turn to have justice administered, and they were just chatting away. That stopped abruptly when Judge John C. McClintock, Jr. in a booming authoritative voice, admonished these two Chatty Cathies and silence prevailed for the rest of the hearing.

The next hearing for sentencing was for Brent Joseph LaFontaine, who pleaded guilty to driving while license privilege is suspended. He was sentenced to 30 days with 23 days suspended and credit for 7 days already served. He was fined $100.00 with $225.00 court costs and $25.00 to victims fund. His license was suspended for non-payment of child support. Freedom may not be in Mr. La Fontaine’s immediate future, there was a warrant for him in Minot and he was held for transport.


There were bench warrants issued for the following people for being no-shows in court: Brianna Jordahn Mayer, and Destiny Rhee Rodriquez.

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