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Rugby’s Innocence Lost in Recent Thefts

By Staff | Apr 17, 2015

The motor, wheels and other parts were stolen from this truck, owned by Northern Equipment.

Under the cloak of darkness intruder(s) violated two businesses in Rugby this past week, to selfishly fill their pocket(s) with ill-gotten gains.

Both businesses that were robbed reported the theft of vehicle parts and accessories. These thefts occurred in the parking lot areas of Northern Equipment and Highway 2 Collision, according to information provided by the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department is investigating these robberies because the location of the robberies lies outside the official city limits of Rugby. The Sheriff’s Department further speculated that the robberies took place sometime between 5:00 p.m. on April 8th and when the items were discovered missing around 11:00 a.m. on April 9th. When asked about the robberies Sheriff Siegler of Pierce County commented, “These crimes are under investigation and at this time there are no viable suspects, but I am confident we will be able to ascertain who the individual or individuals are who perpetuated these acts and they will be brought to justice.”

We also reached out to the proprietors of Northern Equipment and Highway 2 Collision first speaking to Steve Nelson of Highway 2 Collision. Mr. Nelson when discovering that his establishment was robbed was concerned most about his customers and if any customer items were stolen, but after an inventory it was discovered that only a new battery from a shop vehicle was taken, the value $65.00-$75.00, and all his customers’ items were accounted for. Mr. Nelson, when asked was this his first experience with this type of robbery in Rugby, commented,

” over the years we would loose insignificant stuff, but never a blatant robbery like this.” When asked how he felt once he discovered his business was robbed he said

” It is hard to describe in words how I felt. I know it was maddening, and still is. I felt really agitated that people can come into a place of business and take something not theirs. It was more than just having something stolen, the loss I have is more of an emotional loss, a feeling of being violated.” He continued “I was also concerned about Gerry Jacobson from Northern Equipment. I was told his loss was much greater than mine, and I felt for him. It’s just a shame, something like this in a small community like Rugby, just a shame. “

We were also able to speak with Gerry Jacobson from Northern Equipment about the recent events and Mr. Jacobson told the Pierce County Tribune his losses are between $4,000.00 to $6,000.00 dollars. When asked about his feelings of the robbery he expressed “It seems like they walked around and just picked out what they wanted. Yes, I have had minor stuff stolen in the past, mostly junk that I was going to replace or throw away anyway, but nothing like this. I feel violated, I have lost trust for my fellow man. Over the past 50 years you could leave your home and not lock it, but not now, today you have to lock up everything you own. ” Mr. Jacobson continued “Whether it is at the business, home or my car I will make sure everything is secure. I am looking into buying video surveillance equipment now and I am making sure that the property is well lit at night; the things I will have to do to protect our belongings makes Rugby, in some ways, no better than Detroit.” When asked what he thought of the perpetrator(s) he stated ” I pity them. With so much work available all over Rugby and North Dakota to put so much at risk for what? For pennies on the dollars that they steal from hard working people; that is a sad path to be on. And, what kind of life is that? It is no life at all, I tell you, none at all.”

It seems by speaking to Mr. Nelson and Mr. Jacobson there was a consensus that more was stolen from Rugby this past week than just a few auto parts, the innocence of a small town has been taken away; leaving only the memories of a simpler, safer time that Rugby used to represent.

The Sheriff’s department asks if anyone has any information in relation to these thefts, to please contact the Pierce County Sheriff’s office at 701-776-5245

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