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Old Age is a Moving Target Even if it Needs a Cane

By Staff | Apr 2, 2015

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What age do you reach old age? Well, depending on your specific age, the answer to that question varies greatly. Taking into consideration that people under 30 have no clue what they are talking about when it comes to age, let’s concentrate on older age groups for this well-discussed question. According to seniorliving.com, the majority of people polled between 30-49 believe old age begins at 69, older people between the ages of 50-64 believe old age starts at 72 and responders who were 65 and older felt that old age begins at 80. Though the results varied by age group, there was a ringing of similarity to each age group’s answer. The study shows that the majority of responders, when they had an opinion of when old age started, also believed that they were the exception to the rule and “… the determinant age was when old age started for other people not them.” This even holds true to responders who were 75 years or older, with only 35% saying they themselves actually felt old.

Apparently, age is just a number, with more people of maturity determining that old age is when you can no longer live life on your terms. Whether it is not being able to live independently, when you can no longer drive, when your thought process is impeded to the point of senility, when you can no longer dream, or when you can no longer make a difference. This barometer shows that retirement doesn’t automatically put us in the old age category, where in years past it was definitely one of the aspects of being considered old.

Today it is how we choose to live and play that makes the real difference of what we perceive as “old age”. Our parents might have chosen to sit back after retirement at the age of 65, taken on at-home hobbies, napped in the afternoon and lived their golden years letting time pass them by. Whereas today people of age are out there in the world traveling, being active, working out, texting the grandkids, creating and reading e-mails, Googling, learning musical instruments, acting in local theater, volunteering, joining clubs – and often still working. It is a well know fact that more than 36 percent of us who are nearing the twilight of our lives do not think we will retire at age 65, maybe because we can’t, but I would like to think it is because we have so much more to give the world, even at 65 or older.

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