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Wolford seniors fly to LA

By Staff | May 4, 2012

“We are not the most graceful class,” said Taylor Armstrong. “We are gravity-challenged.”

The Wolford High School senior and some of her classmates were laughing about klutzy things that had happened to them over the years. Like the time she hit Jonathan in the head with a bat (accidentally, of course). They laughed again when they recalled in seventh grade that when the teacher passed around a box with items in it and then told the students to put that box in their notes, Weston, dutifully, drew the box on his notes and asked, “Do we have to put all that stuff in it?”

Taylor is one of eight students of the Wolford High School Class of 2012. Five of them who have been together since kindergarten, just returned from a senior class trip to Los Angeles, California. Armstrong, Jonathan Slaubaugh, Kylee Slaubaugh, Weston Slaughbaugh, and Kali Walsh along with their business teacher, Mr. Kipley who chaperoned, flew to L.A. for spring break. The other three classmates, Marcus Sell, Allison Slaubaugh and Kendra Prellwitz chose not to go on the trip. Marcus has been a classmate of the five for all but one year from K-12. Allison joined the class in 7th grade and Kendra is their newest member since she began last fall.

The group had a lot of fun the last four years trying to raise money for their senior trip.

“We did a lot of fundraising,” said Kylee. “We started raising money for our senior class trip when we were freshmen.”

The senior class trip has been a tradition of the smaller school for quite a few years. Normally, they didn’t have to raise money in their sophomore year because there was no set project that year. However, this class wanted to see and do a lot when they went to L.A. so they instituted the “That’s My Pan” fundraiser in their sophomore year. They sold pans and other household items. Over the 4 years, they sold candy, pizza, fruit, and baked goods to name a few items.

All their efforts paid off when they flew to Los Angeles on March 11. What an eye opener that 5-day trip was for these students from the little school on the prairie!

Some of them had pictured L. A. as the home of movie stars and expected everything to be all glittery and glamorous when they got there. Their first impressions were nothing like what they had pictured.

“Los Angeles was dirty,” said Taylor.

“We were the minority,” chimed in Kylee.

From what they observed the population in L.A. was mostly of hispanic and asian descent. This was a different culture then these rural North Dakota students had ever been exposed to. Strangers were everywhere, gun shots rang out, this wasn’t home.

“Everywhere we went we had to ask for a key to use the bathroom,” said Taylor. They all started to laugh as they recalled trestaurant they went to had the bathroom key on a big paddle. “Whose going to steal a bathroom key?” they wondered.

However, the places they visited, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios, Los Angeles Zoo, Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, Long Beach Aquarium and Hollywood Boulevard all were a lot of fun.

Jonathan enjoyed Knotts Berry Farm (amusement park) the best. So did Kali Walsh.

What will they remember the most from this trip? “The funny moments they had together. Like the comedian dressed like a donkey who talked to them.

“Like Kylee and her dippin’ dots,” said Jonathan. “Everywhere we went she had to have them.”

What they learned the most was summed up by Kylee, “It was fun to get away for five days but there’s no place like home”.

These students enjoy their small school which seems just like family to them.

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