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Carla Marks resigns as Clerk of Court

By Staff | Nov 10, 2011

At a special meeting of the county commissioners on Wednesday, Nov. 9, Carla Marks resigned her elected position as Clerk of Court for Pierce County.

Marks handed chairman Joe Bohl a short letter announcing both her resignation on Dec, 31, 2011 at 5 p.m. and the retirement of Kathleen Blessum as Deputy Clerk of Court on the same date and time.

Marks who has worked at the courthouse for 26 years, gave the commission a statement which read: “I can no longer work in an environment where who I say hi to, how a time sheet is filled out and where people park takes precedence over my performance of the duties as clerk of court. My physical and mental health have greatly deteriorated because of this environment. “

“I will greatly miss my job,” said Marks. “I like working with the public.”

She added, that this is a personalities clash issue and she doesn’t expect that it will get resolved.

She is the second person to resign in as many weeks at the courthouse. Peggy Burgard, secretary for the Pierce County Agent’s office, submitted her resignation to the commissioners at their regular monthly meeting. She also said that the stress of working at the courthouse was getting to be too much. She had worked in that office for eight years.

The commissioners have been concerned and have struggled with employee issues for quite some time. At the last regular meeting held on Tuesday, November 1, they talked about getting a human resource employee to keep communication lines open between the board and the employees. With that in mind, they asked Elaine Little, the administrator at the Heart of America Correctional and Treatment Center, to come to this special meeting.

Little attended the special meeting and agreed to help with human resources but she told the commissioners that she would demand honesty, promote good communications between the commissioners and the employees, and that she would handle relaying the needs of the employees to the commissioners which would eliminate the need for the commissioners to talk directly to the employees about any issues. She also, said she would review employees’ job descriptions and set up an evaluation process to evaluate job performance and document compliance.

Rick Larson made a motion to approve Elaine Little as human resources director. Duane Johnston seconded the motion and Larson, Johnston, Dave Migler, and Mike Christenson voted in favor.

Pierce County Agent Karlyle Erickson was asked by the commissioners to attend the special meeting to discuss what was needed to replace his secretary. He asked the commissioners for a full-time secretary.

The commissioners tossed around the ideas of replacing the secretary position with a part-time secretary or hiring someone full time and cross train that employee to work in the Register of Deeds office, as well. Migler was in favor of hiring a part-time employee with the option of going to full time if the position developed intoa full- time workload. Migler was concerned that the skills needed to do one job might not be the skills needed to help in another office. Another idea discussed was hiring a person to work in the county agent’s office four days a week and then have that person fill in where needed in another office. Christenson made a motion to hire a full-time employee who works four days a week in the county agent’s office and one day a week in the Register of Deeds office. Larson secondedthe motion. All voted to approve with the exception of Migler who voted “no”.

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