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Pierce County schools total enrollment of 661

By Staff | Sep 16, 2011

Enrollment at Rugby Public schools is down by six from last year’s first day enrollment of 568 making the number of students enrolled 562 this year. Enrollment has been fairly stable for several years.

Grades 1-6 have the highest head count with a total of 233 which is an increase of five students from last year’s 227 students. The high school, grades 9-12, shows a total of 196 students with the freshman class being the largest at 56. The sophomore class has 48 students and and the junior class is the smallest in the high school at 39. The total is a drop of eight students on the high school level from last year’s figure of 204.

Last year 56 students were enrolled in the Class of 2011 on the first day of school. They, of course, graduated and this year’s senior class contains 53 students on the first day of school.

On the junior high level (7&8), 94 is the total number of students at Rugby with 49 eighth graders and 45 seventh graders.

The kindergarten class for 2011 at Ely Elementary is 39 students, two fewer students than last year. First grade shows 42. Second grade also has 42. Third grade is 33. Fourth grade is 43. Fifth grade is 32 and sixth grade is 41.

Little Flower School

Little Flower started school on Thursday, Sept. 1 with a total enrollment of 53 in kindergarten through sixth grade. An additional 18 students attend pre-school at Little Flower. The biggest class at the Catholic school is sixth grade with 12 students. Fifth grade has eight students. Both third and fourth grades have seven students each while second grade has four students. First grade has six students and kindergarten has 5 students.

The 2011-12 enrollment is five fewer than last year in K-6 and just one less in pre-school.

Wolford School

The total enrollment in Wolford School K-12 is 46 with no kindergarten students enrolled this year. Last year’s enrollment was 47 with five kindergarten students. First, second and fifth grades for the 2011-12 school year have five students each. Third, fourth and eighth grades have four students each. Sixth grade has just one student and seventh grade has two this school year.

On the high school level, the senior class has the highest enrollment with eight students. Last year, there were only two students who graduated from Wolford High School. The sophomore class is the next largest with four students. The junior and freshman classes each have two students.

These enrollment figures do not include students who are home-schooled in the county. Enrollment can change as the school year progresses.

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