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Near and deer

By Staff | Mar 28, 2014

For Dave Jaeger, deer coming on his land is a daily occurrence.

“Usually 50 to 100 deer come within a third of a mile of my house every night,” Jaeger said.

The Towner area resident has a quarter of land with alfalfa growing on it that deer feed on, in addition to corn from nearby farmers. For nearly his entire life he has lived in an area with lots of wildlife.

But it’s not everyday that a young, wounded deer comes on his land. The animal, which Jaeger said came to his yard in either January or February, had several scrapes, its ear was split and it was moving on three legs. The fourth was stiff and the animal couldn’t use it to walk or lie down. Jaeger thought that it had been hit by a car.

“It looked like it might die of internal injuries, but it kept making it,” Jaeger said.

He watched as the young deer recovered. He recalled it rocking back and forth on its stiff leg, almost as if it were giving itself physical therapy. It would feed from a hay bale he put in his yard.

“Deer are very social animals,” Jaeger said. “It had to fight the need to be with its social group and heal.”

As he watched, another concern he had was predators, particularly coyotes and bobcats.

“It was pretty safe by my house,” Jaeger said. “We wouldn’t know if predators would get to it.”

Jaeger said that since the deer has recovered, it has probably gone back to its herd.

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