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Million+ words

By Staff | Jul 12, 2019

Thirty two students made it into the Million Word Club during the 2018 2019 school year at Ely Elementary School. The joy of reading is really something to celebrate!The number of books that students read to be in the Million Word Club varies. The least amount of books read to make it into the MWC was 15. The most books read by one of our members was 288, although that student had over 2 million words read for the school year.

The program Accelerated Reader, keeps track of the words read for our students. Students check out a book from our library, or for that matter they can read any book. As long as it’s one of the books AR has a test for, students may take a test on the computer. Then that process is repeated many times.

Our top reader this year, was Carter Teigen. He had over 4 million words after reading, and taking AR tests on 72 books!!

Please ask any of the MWC students for a book suggestion. Most would be delighted to give you a suggestion. Some of them might even ask you what you’re interested in before they give you a title or an author. Happy Reading!

– Submitted by Ely Elementary Librarian Kathy Erickson

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