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Wolford Students Encouraged To Imagine The Possibilities

By Staff | Dec 11, 2015

Wolford's young inventors pictured Left to Right: Lane Martodam, Noah Anderson, Peyton Morrow, Logan Olson, Hunter Anderson. Sitting: Elizabeth Lewis, Layton Olson

Wanda Follman a K-2 Teacher at Wolford is not letting the technical world pass her students by. Follman said, “We are studying how our world has changed in Social Studies. We came to realize that the machines we use almost every day to make our lives easier have changed our livs the most.” With that premise her students were instructed to design a machine that would make their lives easier. They needed to describe their inventions, draw them, tell what it will do for them, and who would use their invention. The kids rose to the occasion with these wonderful new concept inventions in their own words:

Book Shelfer, by Noah Anderson, I invented a Book Shelfer because I needed help picking up my books at home. My Book Shelfer is made of metal. He has two feet with socks and walks. The shelfer will have 10 hands so he can pick up a lot of books and put them on the shelf. My Book Shelfer also reads me stories at night. Other people who will use my Book Shelfer are the librarian and Mrs. Sailer’s students.

Game Picker Upper, by Peyton Morrow, I invented a Game Picker Upper. It is made out of metal. It will help me to pick up game on the floor. I will help my friends, brother, and mother. I wanted my machine to pick up games.

Toy Picker Upper, by Logan Olson, I invented a Toy Picker-Upper. I wanted my machine to pick up toys. This will help my brothers and I clean the room. My Picker-Upper is made out of metal. It has two wheels for driving. There are seven hands for picking up toys. Daycare people and other kids will use my invention.

Sunshine School Bus, by Layton Olson, I invented a Sunshine School Bus because I want to get to school. It takes people to school and back. It has solar panels that are powered by the sun. At night time it uses a power pack. It has one little rocket booster. My machine has wheels for the summer and a track and sled for the winter. My bus can only haul four people it has only four seats because if it had more seats more people would fit in it. More people means more weight which makes it slower.

Horse Saddler, by Lane Martodam, I invented a Horse Saddler. It will help me put a saddle on my horse. I am still too small to put a saddle on my horse. It has springs for legs to make it bigger. It is made out of metal because he needs to be strong. My family and rodeo people will use my invention.

Robo Dog, by Elizabeth Lewis, I invented a Robo Dog. I want my Robo Dog to protect me. She is made out of metal. She has night vision eyes because she can see through the pitch black of the night. The satellite on her tail goes in and out and detects animals. When she barks angrily, I know there is an animal nearby. When it’s sunny, her paws turn into wheels, and when it’s winter she has sleds. There is a red button on her stomach that makes her big and small. Old people can use my machine because they want to be protected.

Homework Thinker Doer, by Hunter Anderson, I invented a Homework Thinker Doer. He has a table for writing. he has an eraser for when I make mistakes. He also has a pencil for writing answers. He has a picture of a Falcon on the front because I like the Falcons.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds with students like these at the helm being challenged by teachers like Wanda Follman, I imagine it will be special; yes, special indeed.

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