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Learning Can Be Fun

By Staff | May 15, 2015

Submitted Area second graders got the chance to see the Shrine Circus in Minot.

All of the second graders at Ely Elementary School went to the Minot Shrine Circus with performances by the Jordan World Circus this past week on a field trip. The students who were from Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Leier, and Mrs. Sobolik’s classes learned all about the Minot Shrine Circus that has been around for 61 years and is still going strong. The children also learned about the role the Shriners have in helping kids all around the world. The Shriners Club of Minot, who also has local Rugby residents as members, is dedicated to helping children. Their mission statement, as provided by Shriner Orren Anderson is, “To Work, have fun, as well as provide free transportation to patients and guardians alike to the Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Bismarck, where all their care is free.” Shriner Anderson also wanted us to know what great support they have received from all the businesses in Rugby. That support has allowed them to distribute tickets free of charge to all the students at Ely Elementary School. The Eagles provided the second-grade class’s tickets.

The kids enjoyed the circus and all that it means as demonstrated by their following insights: Bryce Jacobs said, “My favorite part about the circus was when the clowns were hunting for the lion and the lion was a small dog.” John Lashman told us “I liked the clowns antics.” Walker Suchor commented, “I liked the Shrine Circus because they had almost everything. I liked the part where the tigers jumped. I liked the part when the dog was pretending to be a lion because the clown went in the tent with a dog pretending to be a lion and when he came out the clown’s clothes were half gone.” Jesse Wolf shared, “I liked the dogs because they had cool tricks. They were cool how they learned to jump and to catch the rings and all the stuff. I also liked the clowns because they made me laugh.” Harlie Volk said, “I liked the acrobats. It was awesome when they went up on the ropes and when they had those circles and people were in it and when the guy got blind folded.” Brady Filler knew it was more than just the circus when he declared, “The Shriners do more than a circus. The Shriners use the money to help sick kids in the hospital.” As did Tayler Hamilton when she acknowledged, “The Shriners try to help the kids in the hospital with new equipment to help them walk, new skin if they get burned” And, Haylee Heilman also understood by saying, “The Shriners taught me that the circus is NOT all about fun. They help kids who are sick get help at Shriner Hospitals.” Maddex Kirchofner warned us, “The circus can be very, very dangerous. Three people were hurt in the globe of death a week before the circus.” Jenner Johnson commented, “The circus is lots of fun, but it is a good way to raise money for the Shriners” Joshua Devine took away this from the circus, “I learned that people in the circus do not give up!!!.” Mattisyn Jacobson understands “The circus isn’t just about the money, it is about having fun. Lots of families are part of the circus and they all travel together.” Aidan Seaver shared, “We learned about being a tiger trainer and how important it is to care for the animals. Mrs. Sobolik knows his aunt and she was at the circus.”

None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the hard work of the Shriners, and Rugby has some of these wonderful people in their midst. The Shriners that are Rugby residents are: Tanner Johnson, Leroy Johnson, Gary Lee, Kipp Johnson, Robert “Bob” Johnson, Paul Niemi, Scott Johnson, and Trent Johnson. Nor would have it been possible if it wasn’t for all the generous businesses in Rugby that helped out. All of you stand up and take a bow.

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