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Beyond the Classroom: Local decisions kept local

By Staff | Nov 14, 2014

On Nov. 4, North Dakotans went to the polls to decide a number of issues. As a school superintendent, there were two issues I was very interested in. Measure No. 5, if passed, would have potentially placed millions of dollars out of potential funding for education. Measure No. 8 would have forced schools to start after Labor Day. Both of these measures were defeated by the voters of North Dakota.

Measure No. 5 was a statewide vote with statewide implications. Measure No. 8 was a statewide vote with local implications. I believe it is for that reason that Measure No. 8 was voted down.

Although all counties in our area – with the exception of Rolette – voted against Measure No. 8 in fairly wide margins, as a school superintendent, I am not sure whether that vote was against starting school after Labor Day, or against the state government telling schools they have to start school after Labor Day.

In talking to patrons of Leeds School District, there was a feeling among North Dakota citizens that local decisions, such was when school should start, should be made locally.

I think I can speak for most administrators when I say that if our patrons want school to start later, that is a local decision. Our patrons should contact local school board members and make their wishes known. I am pleased that the citizens of North Dakota chose to keep local decisions local.

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