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Showing their wares

By Staff | Dec 8, 2012

Rugby High School art students have put together an impressive collection of works that will be shown at the school’s Fine Arts Night on Dec. 13. The night will also feature the Band and Choir Winter Concert, set to start at 7:30 p.m. at the auditorium.

The junior high choir, high school choir, junior high band and high school band will all be performing.

The artworks being shown starting at commons area starting at 7 p.m. represent a number of different media from both advanced and beginning artists.

For a birdhouse pottery project, juniors Nicole Atkinson and Kelsey Schmaltz took two different perspectives.

Atkinson made hers into a mini barn, with a little hay hanging out of it.

“I didn’t have any other idea, but I like agriculture,” she said. “We used a slab roller and made clay and cut it into strips. For the roof, I just cut out squares and put them on there.”

Schmaltz’s birdhouse was a log, with a number of additions.

“I was thinking of doing something like a shoe or fairy theme,” she said. “I just started with the log and added insects and flowers. For the bark, I took little pieces of clay and squished them with my fingers and scratched them and layered them.”

Instead of glazing, Schmaltz used an acrylic paint finish on hers.

She also created a decorative plate with the faces of Paul, John, George and Ringo – of the famous band the Beatles.

“First I traced the design and painted underglazes and scratched it out,” she said. “I just put another glaze coat on to make it shiny.”

The process, called sgraffito, was also used by senior Jordan Papineau, who made a ying-yang plate along with a cup and saucer.

“It was supposed to be a bowl, but the bowl wasn’t too successful,” laughed Papineau as he explained the saucer.

Not all of the art was three dimensional.

Junior Michelle Black made a watercolor painting featuring both her dad and brother’s classic cars.

She found a website which helped her turn the drawings of the cars into more cartoonish figures, then she painted them.

Art teacher Stephanie Skeen said many of the projects were the result of a new class called Special Topics.

“This semester it’s only clay,” she said. “Next semester, it’ll be paining.

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