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Pastor’s Corner: The Importance of Easter

By Staff | Apr 2, 2015

On resurrection Sunday we celebrate the fact that God sent His Son as a substitute for our sins.

Many times I fear that Christians get wrapped up into the holiday of Easter without fully appreciating and understanding what really took place on resurrection Sunday. Easter is the celebration of the amazing act of Christ conquering sin and death and justifying man to God, awesome!

As a kid, I loved Easter because it was a time of candy, Easter eggs, and spending time with family. I now realize how wonderful the resurrection Sunday truly is; it marks the day that I am no longer considered an enemy of God, but His friend and child.

When I study the events of Christ’s crucifixion, death, and resurrection, I always take special note of Joseph of Arimathea.

We are told in the Gospel of Luke that Joseph was a member of the Jewish Council, and that he did not agree with what they did to Christ. We are then told in John 19:38 that “Joseph asked Pilate for Jesus’ body” after His death. The Gospel of John says that “He was a follower of Jesus,” but that he followed Jesus secretly because he was afraid of the Jews.

Joseph is a high-ranking Jewish official that followed Christ and His ministry in secret to avoid severe consequences. It was not until after Christ’s death that Joseph was willing to risk everything he had worked so hard for just to see that Christ had a proper burial. We don’t know what inspired Joseph to step up after Christ’s death, but we do know this, Joseph was willing to give up everything for a dead God. You see, he had no idea that Christ would be coming back in three days, he just knew that Christ, even in His death, was worth giving up his life for.

Of course we are familiar with the rest of the story, but I am amazed with this fact, if Joseph was willing to give everything for a dead God, how much more should I be willing to give for a living God. You see, Christ did come back from the dead, he paid our penalty, and no longer is Christ amongst the list of the dead; He is alive!

Joseph did not understand that Christ’s death was temporary, but his faith in Him never wavered. We do know what Christ did for us; so take time to celebrate, and tell others, about the living God. Happy Easter!

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