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Pastor’s Corner: Remembering one of God’s servants

By Staff | Nov 14, 2014

Last Saturday, I had the great honor to attend the graduation ceremony of my father-in-law, Wayne Steinbrecher. By that, I mean his homegoing or funeral, as is more the common term. I refer to it as graduation because of the life he lived and the great expectation he had of seeing Jesus face to face. He was 83 and a retired Lutheran pastor who did as much for the Kingdom of God in his retirement as most do in their lives.

He never let denominational barriers stop him. He led Bible studies and prayer groups that included all faiths, even leading a large Catholic Charismatic prayer group. His great desire was to help people understand the great love that God has for them and how God wants to be a part of everyday life and every problem. He loved to pray for any need that someone had and see God meet that need.

He recently was fishing with 10 men from the church and they had planned a fish fry at church the next day. As they arrived at the lake, one boat that just came to shore said “it’s a terrible day, the fish are not biting at all.” After an hour of them not catching any fish, Wayne said “we need to pray.” In the next two hours they all limited out at 20 each, 220 fish. Stories like a chainsaw that would not run and had been cranked for a long time, Wayne said I could pray” and it started the next pull.

He lost an electric trolling motor in a lake in deep water, late one fall. He asked the Lord to help him get it back and the next spring saw it in shallow water by the shore and it still ran. He went to a dentist to have a tooth pulled and the dentist wanted him to go to an oral surgeon in case it broke and left roots. Wayne said “Just pray, ‘Help me Jesus’, and it will be fine.” The dentist said he didn’t want to pray, Wayne said “go ahead and pull the tooth.” It came out easy and in one piece. Wayne said, “I prayed for you.” A few months later the dentist told him that he had prayed that prayer five times in the last few months and seen results every time.

This is a man that went house to house in the whole town of Princeton, Minn., (pop. 4,700) and asked if there was anything they needed prayer for and invited them to church. He also would ask the business owners if he could pray for their business. He worked with people with Alzheimer’s every week and was a regular contributor at the nursing home. He kept showing his pastor what scripture said about healing and as a result they started praying for the sick every week at church and were seeing many healings and miracles. These are only a few of the stories that his pastor and others shared with us.

The day before he died, he commented twice about needing to get out of the nursing home he was in. When asked where he had to go, he said, “to the celebration of my death.” The next morning he peacefully just quit breathing and went home to heaven. He will be greatly missed by all those who knew him, but the lives he touched for the Kingdom of God can not be counted.

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