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“Chicken today and feathers tomorrow” – part three

By Staff | Mar 17, 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Tribune is publishing a three-part recollection of Buster Iverson, a personal account of the well development history in the region. Part three of this recollection involves Iverson’s career moves through various locations in other countries after the completion of both wells in Pierce County. Tribune Reporter Carissa Mavec contributed to this report.

In August of 1990, Iraq invaded and occupied the next-door country of Kuwait. This was very disturbing to the Saudis, in the event that Saudi Arabia might be next.

President George H.W. Bush began putting a coalition together, that even included some Arab countries, to drive Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.

American aircraft and troops began arriving in Saudi Arabia during the build-up called Dessert Shield. During this time, we as Aramco families entertained troops in our homes every Friday.

During this time, our son Barry Iverson with “Time Life” and his colleagues came from Cairo, Egypt to cover the entire war effort.

As Dessert Storm began January 17, 1991 and the allies began bombing Baghdad, Iraq, Saddam Hussein began firing his scud missiles into Saudi Arabia. Some came near the Aramco camp where we lived. They were knocked down by the Patriot missiles (put in place in Saudi Arabia during the build-up by the USA).

Everyone in Saudi Arabia was issued a gas mask, in the event that Saddam Hussein would attach poison gas to his scud missiles. This never occurred.


Coalition victory

Iraq expelled from Kuwait

Kuwaiti monarch restored

Destruction of Iraqi and Kuwaiti infrastructure

In April of 1992, Toodie and I both retired from Aramco. By Saudi law, everyone (including Saudis) must retire at age 60. We then returned to our home in Greeley, CO.

We were not ready for retirement, but the law is the law.

In February of 1993, I was contacted by some friends with Occidental Petroleum Corporation to go to Russia as a Drilling Consultant. My schedule was month in Russia, month in Greeley, CO. During this time, I worked on Russian land rigs, with all Russian crews.

This was a great experience, and I did this for several years for various oil companies. The Russian people are very nice, and I would do this all over again.

I learned enough Russian to travel by myself, without an interpreter.

In this same time period, I did several drilling consultant jobs in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, I worked on one well in 6000 feet of water, and the total depth of the well was 25,000 feet.

In July of 2012, I was on a deep-water disposal well near Seminole, Texas. I told everyone on the rig that I was going to retire when we finished the well. When that well was finished, I hung my hard-hat on our hall-tree in Greeley, CO.

That gave me 61 years in the Worldwide Drilling Industry.

For a graduate from Knox High School, I gave it my all.

New Subject:

“Fracking” a misunderstood word by many. Fracking has nothing to do with drilling. It is a procedure performed on some, not all, wells after they have been drilled and cased. It is a very long and expensive procedure.

As the price of crude oil has fallen so low, there are hundreds of wells in the Williston Basin that have been drilled and casing run, but will not be fracked unless the price of crude oil increases.

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