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“Chicken today and feathers tomorrow”

By Staff | Mar 10, 2017

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Tribune is publishing a three-part recollection of Buster Iverson, a personal account of the well development history in the region. Part two of this recollection involves Iverson’s career moves through various locations in other countries after the completion of both wells in Pierce County. Tribune Reporter Carissa Mavec contributed to this report.

Arriving in Alexandria, we would spend the next three months in the hotel (waiting for our furniture and car to arrive).

Tim, Tami, and Barry started school at Schutz American School in Alexandria. It was an excellent school with never more than eight students in a class. French and Arabic languages were also required. Thus, all three were totally fluent in French and Arabic after one year in Schutz.

At the end of May 1967, and with trouble in the Middle East on the horizon, the dependents were moved to Athens, Greece.

In early June of 1967, the Six Day War took place between Israel and Palestine. The turmoil from that war still exists today.

The families all returned to Alexandria, Egypt in August of 1968. Since high school at Schutz American School was not considered accredited by American standards, our students were sent to TASIS, an American boarding school in Switzerland (at company expense). This is an excellent school, and our family has fantastic memories of TASIS.

In early 1970, we were transferred to Stavanger, Norway and I began working offshore on a floating (semi-submersible) rig. In fact, I was on the “Ekofisk” discovery (Norway’s first oil well).

In 1971, I joined another company, and we moved to England and later to Scotland. I continued working in the North Sea. By 1977, the price of crude oil began to fall and rigs were being laid off. In 1978, we moved to Greeley, Colorado and later to Houston, Texas. As the price of crude oil began to fall again, things did not look good.

In early 1982, we were both hired by “Aramco” (The Arabian-American Oil Company) and moved to Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia. Life was good! Aramco was founded in 1933 by what we know today as Chevron. Aramco is one of the most successful oil companies in the world today.

The Lawrence Bell, located in Pierce County, was completed June 1, 1954 as a dry hole. The elevation for this well was 1638 KB (SIC) and the total depth was 3052.

Bell #1, drilled by the Ajax Oil Corporation, also located in Pierce County, was completed on October 18, 1951 as a dry hole. The elevation for this well was 1510 ground and the total depth was 5383.

Information obtained in a letter dated April 18, 1955 from Wilson M. Laird, State Geologist to Conrad J. Ziegler, Attorney at Law in Rugby.

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