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LETTER: Congratulations to the people of North Dakota

June 17, 2016
Mark Nelson , Pierce County Tribune

In the primary election, the people voted against Wayne "status quo" Stenehjem. They did not want Stenehjem in the governor's office or his replacement in the attorney general's office, because this would ensure that the cozy relationship of the Industrial Commission and the oil industry in North Dakota would roll right along. The oil industry seems to have a mandate to destroy the surface as they get the oil out. Is there anyone who really believes the Industrial Commission has been looking out for the landowners?

In the November election, the people will get a chance to vote for Marvin "Mr. Change" Nelson. He can be googled to find his websites and see his videos.

Or we could vote Doug Burgum #1, known in Fargo for being a sharp businessman and a liberal. Or Doug Burgum #2, known in western North Dakota for being a hard right conservative and the sort of guy who goes outside to try to dirty up a brand new Carhartt jacket. I know, I saw the commercial.

If Marvin Nelson is the next governor, then we will have one Dem-NPL vote on the Industrial Commission. When we put a Dem-NPL attorney general in office in two years, we will have two of the three seats, and that will enable us to fix so many of our problems. The people have created a golden opportunity for themselves.

Now the voters will decide.

North Dakota for all North Dakotans.

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Mark Nelson,

Dem-NPL candidate for Dist. 14 House of Representatives




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