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Letter: Bully on the playground

May 27, 2016
Gil Beaman, Rugby , Pierce County Tribune

We have a bully on the playground.

How long are we going to allow this? Gov. Dalrymple, Doug Burgum or Wayne Stenehjem: what are you going to do or say to this bully?

He says we are not a nation founded on godly principles.

We allow and pay for, from our tax dollars, people to murder our unborn children and then sell their body parts.

He says our laws are inferior to Sharia law.

We back down when minority groups say it's their right to do this or that.

We allow this bully to dictate what is bad, not good, for our country when he swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend our country from all enemies, foreign and domestic!

We accept a ruling from our "Supreme" Court that we know is wrong; where did they get the authority to tell God he is wrong?

We are a country of rules and laws. We elected men and women to see that those laws are honored by all; including those who want to change our laws to suit their lifestyles.

I say, people, wake up! It's time to say "No" to those who would ruin and destroy this great land!

Put the bully in his place and stop this nonsense of political correctness and minority rule.

Let's take our country back!

Gil Beaman,




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