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I propose Feb. 6 as a new national holiday!

February 7, 2011
By Terri Kelly Barta

I propose Sunday, Feb. 6, as a new national holiday.

"Because of the Super Bowl?" you ask.

"Don't even go there," I reply.

No, because it is my birthday and I love my birthday. Now, I know people who are very grumpy about their birthdays. Come on people, lighten up, your birthday is the day the world celebrates YOU!

My mom was very good at making birthdays special. We didn't have much money, but I always knew that I (the birthday child) was the special one on my birthday. I always got a party with friends and family, even if my favorite food was all mom had to celebrate with. She always made a homemade birthday cake. Hey, it was the sixties, that's what moms did back then. They wore aprons, too. My cake was always chocolate (my one vice in life which I fight every day that I am not eating it.) But my birthday is coming, so you see what I am up against in that battle.

I was probably a little more excited about my birthday in my twenties than I am today. But, what the heck, celebrating your birthday is the one compensation you get for growing older.

My close friends start scheduling lunch dates with me early so they don't miss out. (They are probably celebrating this year because they don't have to listen to me go on and on about my birthday.)

I am going to miss Betty Michels, Lisbon, (yes, she is the mom of Bill Michels, Rugby) who a couple years ago brought a brownie trifle for me to share with the staff on my birthday. The staff never heard about it (just kidding, of course). Betty, who gives wholeheartedly to everyone, gave me the beautiful dish she brought the dessert in.

Now, to help get Feb. 6 declared a holiday, here are a few of the famous people who have Feb. 6 birthdays: the late Ronald Reagan, the late Babe Ruth, Tom Brokaw, Mike Farrell, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Fabian, Natalie Cole, and Terri Kelly Barta (Okay, so I am not famous. Can you blame a girl for trying to get her 15 minutes of fame?)

One year I even received a baby for my birthday. Okay, so he was born Feb. 4 but that year there was a blizzard on Feb. 6 and no one could get to the hospital so he and I celebrated together. He didn't have any teeth yet so he didn't get to share the little birthday cake that the hospital kitchen sent up to my room.

Just to show that I am an equal opportunity person, I also enjoy everyone else's birthdays along with them. Birthdays are meant to be fun!

If any of you in this area share my birthday, I would like to hear from you.

I have to wish a really fun Happy Birthday to Lisbon Mayor Ross Cole, former mayor Morrie Saxerud, and Mary Kaczmarski (see why Rugby names don't scare me).

By the way, I am a little miffed that the powers-that-be chose Feb. 6 for Super Bowl Sunday. Now, instead of the focus being on my birthday where it should be, it will be on two football teams who just want to cream each other out. Whatever happened to the Super Bowl being the last or second to the last Sunday in January? Nobody in North Dakota celebrates anything in January, so it is a perfect month for the Big Game! Since I don't really know the other team, I am going to be for the Packers because yellow is my favorite color and it goes well with green.



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