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Sisters have each others' backs

Five sets of sisters play Rugby volleyball

October 25, 2010
By Terri Kelly Barta

Five sets of sisters play in the Rugby volleyball program. One set who has played together the longest are twins, Maddie and Kenzie Cameron.

The two juniors played in 4th and 5th grades, 7th , 8th, 9th, and 11th grades. Maddie played at a different school her sophomore year, but she is back in Rugby this year.

Kenzie is a setter and Maddie is a hitter. The two different positions make it easier to practice together at home. They say they don't take things personally on the court and can play well together.

Maddie, the self-proclaimed quieter one, enjoys the fun of playing on a team. Kenzie has fun playing, too. "I like setting," she said.

This particular team has to use first names with their players as there are two each of several different last names.

As for Emily and Laura Fritel, they have played together on the same team for the past two years. They don't get really angry when one or the other sister makes a mistake. "We more like tease each other," said Laura.

"We feed off each other's energy," added Emily.

Jessica and Cassandra Jaeger don't actually play together on the same team. In fact, they each play the same position, middle hitter; Jessica on the varsity squad and Cassandra on the C-Squad.

In the summertime, they get in some practice time together. Jessica gives Cassandra big- sisterly advice sometimes.

"Somtimes, I listen to her and sometimes I try to get her ticked off," laughed Cassandra.

The Jaeger sisters do attend each other's games.

"I love hitting and blocking, that feeling you get," said Jessica.

Cassandra who likes to maintain her independence, enjoys playing volleyball with her friends and hitting.

Janessa and Shayanna Veach are another pair of sisters in the volleyball program that play on different teams. Both girls have played since 7th grade but Janessa plays junior varsity and Shayanna plays C-Squad. Shayanna was absent for the interview so her sister conducted it without her.

"I like playing back row and most people don't," said Janessa about playing volleyball. "Shayanna enjoys being on a team."

Being the helpful older sister, Janessa tries to give her younger sister advice. "She doesn't listen," said Janessa.

The two sisters do practice together sometimes, though. "Before it snows, we go to sand volleyball courts and mess around," said Janessa.

Crystal and Aubrey Hovland play volleyball on the same team, senior Crystal plays middle hitter and sophomore Aubrey plays outside hitter. When they played on junior varsity, Aubrey would sub for Crystal because they played the same position, so they weren't necessarily on the court together.

Crystal says she will give Aubrey advice but first she asks if Aubrey wants her advice. "If she says "no", I leave her alone.

"I have to figure it out for myself," said Aubrey.

These two sisters get along on the court. They don't get angry with each other if the other one makes a mistake.

"Most of the time, it's an accident so you offer encouragement," said Crystal.

These five sets of sisters have learned to work and play together. They have a shared interest that makes them closer sisters.

"If you know how to get along, you can work together," said Crystal.

Parents of these girls are as follows: Jess and Cassandra Jaeger are the daughters of Don and Mary Ann Jaeger; Emily and Laura Fritel are the daughters of Ron and Melissa Fritel; Maddie and Kenzie Cameron are the daughters of Jim and Sheryl Cameron; Crystal and Aubrey Hovland are the daughters of Rob and Steph Hovland; and Janessa and Shayanna Veach are the daughters of Duane and Andrea Veach.



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