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District 7 Candidates Profiles

October 15, 2010
Pierce County Tribune

Craig Wollenburg

Family: Partner is Sandy Wurgler and we have been together for 15 years. We have 5 daughters and 10 grandchildren. This keeps us very busy during the holiday season.

Occupation: I have worked in the financial services industry for the past 23 years.

Past/present public office experience: I was twice elected to the Rugby City Council, serve on the Rugby Job Authority, and have held numerous leadership positions in both civic and private organizations and businesses locally and statewide. These include the Rugby Chamber of Commerce, the Rugby Eagles, the ND Association of the Arts, Lions MD5 Regional Council, the ND Lions Eye Bank, board member of MAP Dakota LLP and as managing director of KTOF Petroleum LLC, and Diversified Energy Resources LLC.

Reasons for running for office: This year I was compelled to run while listening to the debate on national healthcare. We all want to build a better North Dakota. Stronger schools, expanded opportunities for our youth, diversifying our economic base, and accessible healthcare for our seniors are all vital components in achieving this goal. When I studied the healthcare bill and realized the devastating effect this legislation would have on our rural hospitals, our local businesses, including farms and ranches, and the overall economy of North Dakota, I felt it was time to stand up and be counted. I have supported and if elected, I will continue to support, the efforts of the Attorney General, Wayne Stenehjem, as he and AG's from 26 other states have banded together to stop this bill from taking effect. Change starts at home and we need to change the direction of the country.

What are the important issues facing the district: The flooding of the Devils Lake Basin and finding a permanent solution to the problem is crucial. Last year Amtrak service was suspended in our district because one of the bridges near Churchs Ferry became unstable. The train was rerouted and it caused considerable hardship for several businesses in Rugby that rely on Amtrak for daily deliveries. The rising waters could make this temporary interruption permanent. The proposal that I support and will continue to support if elected, is the one that draws water from East Devils Lake. This plan addresses all the challenges that such a project encompasses, including water quality, downstream interests, water treatment concerns, will stabilize the lake level, and provide flood control. Infrastructure is another challenge. Our roads need attention. Roads that were designed for single axle trucks and John Deere B's 60 years ago are not up to the pounding they receive from today's modern equipment. Discussions that include the legislature, county commissioners, township boards and supervisors all offering input and developing solutions is what is needed to meet this challenge. Healthcare delivery in rural districts such as ours is also of vital importance. Our challenge in rural North Dakota and our district will be to improve services and access for our senior citizens and our children in an effective and cost efficient manner.

What role does legislative leadership play in addressing those issues: Representing our interests with a strong voice in the Senate is essential. Leadership will be key in getting our interests and needs recognized and addressed. Someone who will reach across lines when needed, willing to compromise when appropriate, but remain steadfast in their resolve to get done for the people of district 7 that which needs to be done. As a Republican leader, I will be able to form the coalitions and communicate our needs in the Senate and ensure that the needs of district 7 are articulated and acted upon.

Why should voters choose you for this office: I have always believed in giving back to my community. I believe that utilizing my vast experience as a businessman and my work with numerous charities gives me a unique perspective that will allow me to serve the citizens of district 7 as an effective Senator. I will not be afraid to make the tough choices, take a stand, be accountable, and always be ready to listen to you and your concerns. My beliefs include the philosophy that all of us would be better off if we would focus on our obligations and responsibilities to this country and our communities and worry far less about our rights and what we are entitled to. I believe in hard work, creating policies that let you enjoy the fruits of your labor, personal freedoms, and keeping government out of your lives. I will look forward to working with all the citizens of district 7 in making life better for you and your children and meeting the challenges that lie ahead.



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