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District 7 Candidates Profiles

October 15, 2010
Pierce County Tribune

Jon Nelson

Family: I have been married to Shirley "Sid" Nelson for the past 29 years. I am the father of three children: Alice (Scott) Hayward of Hudson, Wisconsin, and Eric and Jacob Nelson who both are attending UND in Grand Forks, ND. We are also proud grandparents of one granddaughter, Stella Hayward.

Occupation: I continue to farm in the northeastern part of Pierce County near Wolford.

Office: 7th District North Dakota House of Representatives

Past/Present public office experience: My past experience includes over 30 years of service as a township supervisor in Rush Lake Township, 12 years of service to the Wolford School Board. I also served as a board member of the North Central Corrections and Rehabilitation Center in Rugby. I currently serve as Vice Chairman of the Good Samaritan Hospital Board of Trustees and as a board member of All Seasons Rural Water District. I have also had the pleasure to serve District 7 for the past 14 years in the North Dakota Legislature as your representative from District 7.

Reasons for running for office: My reason for running for reelection is to continue to build a stronger and more vibrant rural North Dakota. Understanding that agriculture is our largest industry we must build and expand our agricultural base across this district, including animal agriculture business opportunities. To continue to grow in our communities we must also take advantage of opportunities to diversify our economic base to build for the future. With that, safe communities, a strong education system, and accessible health care are essential to that growth potential.

What is/are important issues facing the district? One of the most important issues facing District 7 this biennium is the rising waters of Devils Lake. Unfortunately, as the waters continue to rise, more farmland is exposed to continual flooding, more homes and recreational homes and recreational opportunities are lost, we are in danger of losing Amtrak service across the northern tier of the state. Because of my involvement with the issue, I will advocate for the alternative that delivers the best possibility for success. The entire rural healthcare fabric needs to be strengthened in North Dakota. With the passage of the federal healthcare bill and the uncertainty of its effect on the citizens of our state, we must be able to respond to this additional challenge as well.

What role does legislative leadership play in addressing those issues?

I believe it is critical to have a seat at the table to get results for our citizens. As a Republican legislative leader I have sat down with Governor Hoeven for example and developed a funding plan for a road raise in Benson County in the Graham's Island area. The project will cost in excess of $14 Million and the county cannot afford the local share that is needed to complete the project. Only because of legislative involvement by other legislators from that area and myself, I am confident we will be able to complete that project next year. I also take great pride in my ability to pass a pilot project that is administered from the Heart of America Medical Center that screens and treats under and uninsured citizens of our state for colorectal cancer.

Why should voters choose you for this office? I believe my experience as a lifelong member of the community, my involvement in public life, and my legislative experience for the past 14 years, gives me knowledge of what issues are most important for our citizens in District 7. I am unafraid to become involved in issues that might be controversial because I have learned that you can never accomplish anything worthwhile without getting a little dirty in the process. I have also built a strong record of working with legislators both in my party as well as across the aisle. I am most gratified though, when I can assist someone who needs help sorting through bureaucratic roadblocks or helping those that need assistance. I believe I have a strong record in each of those areas. It has been an honor to serve this district for the past 14 years and I humbly ask for your vote in this general election.



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